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Ron Paul for President..? by Merwin

Updated on October 30, 2011

On Ron Paul and Israel...

I am torn. I have mixed thoughts and emotions about electing Ron Paul, whom, in my opinion, is the most beneficial candidate.

Our nation is teetering on the precipice of ruin. I won’t go into all the doomsday models and or circumstances that saturate our collective awareness to support my statement… we should all know it to be true by this point. And, if you do not know “it” or disagree with the comment, please do not waste your time reading further.

I am concerned that any govermental… “more of the same”, will send our country over the edge of that precipice.

We have a candidate in Ron Paul that can turn this country from its various paths of destruction. All of his proposals, if he is successful in implementing them, will set our America back on a course for rational, national health, both in economics and foreign policy. And Ron Paul could very well, be able to accomplish these things handily, with very little resistance from other politicians. For if he was elected against all odds; it would indeed provide all our politicians with an incontrovertible MANDATE for his policies.

It would send a message to everyone… (and especially, the nay-saying conservative/liberal media) that we the people, will have no more your nonsense, that the (lack of) representation, we have suffered for nearly a hundred years has come to an end.

One might ask, “then why the angst over his election?”

Part of Ron Paul’s foreign policy, is cutting off foreign aid. And I agree that this needs to be done for the recovery of our nation’s economic health, as well as establishing our new, world posture of non-interference. But… there is one country whose very survival, on a secular level, depends of America’s support, both financially and militarily, is our ally, Israel.

ISRAEL… perhaps the last surviving land of true liberty left to this planet.

And to further express why I am rent, over these possibilities… I must ask myself as I step away from the secular perspective and into the more real, Biblical one, “is not this the way it will go eventually?”

Ezek 38, the entire chapter but especially…
Eze 38:13 Sheba, and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto thee, Art thou come to take a spoil? hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey? to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take a great spoil?
(Thank you Blue Letter Bible)

Nearly all the commentaries (all that I have read) state that those mentioned in verse 13, are giving their impotent objections to the invasion of Israel by her enemies. “Impotent” being the focal term, meaning their objections carry no weight of concern for the invaders, as they continue with their intentions.

The region and all other circumstances are priming for this move, all the nations that invade Israel in the prophecy have, or, are going through massive political changes. These countries are fed up with America’s interference and are simply awaiting the opportunity to annihilate Israel.

And so in measuring impotence… whether America is restored to health by strict non-intervention/non-foreign aid, and bringing ALL our military home (Paul’s Mandate)… or whether it is rendered ineffectual by its own economic collapse, all it will be capable of (according to prophecy) is its objections.

Which brings me to my own choice; on the one hand, I want to support Israel with everything we’ve got, and on the other, I would like this country to recover. I love our country.

Yeah… we, as a country have many, terribly wrong things to account for; slavery, our ongoing oppression of the native Americans, etc. But, in comparison to the atrocities performed by other countries (pretty much equal), our good behavior outshines the “good” behavior of all other countries. And leading in those “good” behavior points is our support of Israel.

The questions for my own choices are… “will Israel survive our lack of support for eight years of Ron Paul?” Secular answer… totally impossible. Biblical answer… yes, they absolutely will. And… “will Israel survive our inability to support them, if we experience economic ruin?” Secular answer, see above. Biblical answer, see above.

So… if then the answer is the same, regardless of recovery or ruin, then what is your answer Merwin..?

Ron Paul is a staunch Constitutionalist. If we the American public circulate a petition demanding a referendum (voting) as to whether or not we are willing to make Israel our one and only exception to foreign support, he, as President would make sure that the referendum is held, and the majority votes supported and acted upon.

Conclusion; if we have more of the political same, we are going to crash and burn and will not be able to help Israel. Conversely; if we regain our health we will be better positioned to help Israel when the time comes, if the time comes.

So my decision..? Ron Paul for President.

Ultimately, eventually, it must happen exactly as the Bible describes it, whenever that may be. Until then we must do as Jesus said and, “…occupy until I come.” MARANATHA..!


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