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Rune URUZ and My Generation

Updated on March 1, 2013
First Peace Badge-1958
First Peace Badge-1958

Society during the 1950’s and 60’s my generation was born and it was a time when our society was in major state of flux where the “old ways” were no longer working.Women were no longer in the home all day but were becoming a part of the workforce, a new group of children called “latch-key kids” came into existence, and the usual rites of passage process no longer worked because of these changes to the fabric of our society.


This brings us to the crux of the situation where we (my generation) experienced the rune URUZ reversed.URUZ is that wild part of ourselves, that untamed aspect, unruly, uncontrolled, passionate symbolism of the Aurock. We no longer had a strong guidance of what our society considered the “norm.”With both parents out in the workforce it left much time for us to wonder what our role was, period. With no guidance into adulthood, my generation were encouraged to create their own rites-of-passage.This is not to say that we did not like our parent’s rites-of-passage, but that we were not truly exposed to these rites, with both parents working to put food on the table.

Then, of course, divorce was on the rise causing there to be households with only the children and one parent, another snag to teaching us our roles in society.We had to do something as each species has its rites-of-passage and we knew we were reaching adulthood.Some of us had enough training in the social view to be able to carry on the rites-of-passage given down through the generations, from one to another.However, there were some of us who had to learn their own ritual process (rites-of-passage) to grow into adulthood.

For some it was a hard and difficult road, some never grew up, remaining in adolescence far into adulthood, and a few reached their full adult potential. Looking at this symbolism and the 'representative', extinct creature in the Auroch, I wonder, if the fact that this symbol and the extinction of same, may be a sign of caution to us in this time period. It seems to be saying to me to use my strength, my creativity, my will, and inspiration to incorporate myself into the community of the human-race. Not necessarily down in the mud of the rat-race, but just acknowledge that we are all in this existence together and should act as one world including not just all countries, but also including all of nature into this perception, that in reality, we truly are ONE.

I think I equate Uruz with the persistence, creativity, resourcefulness, determination, and endurance that is needed to face all that this life has for us. So while we are trying to realize our Oneness with all, we should all also realize that without this inner “Aurock,” we would not have the inner fortitude to grow above a base consciousness into the spiritual beings we are today. In my life, I equate this as telling me to value each and every day, asserting my right to exist, to regenerate, to endure, to praise, to play, and to grow as long as I can. I guess that is my lesson for the week. Do not feel sorry for myself, but be thankful for each and every minute, and for all I have, including my independence, freedom, my ability to step back and look at myself objectively, and to grow spiritually.


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