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Updated on January 16, 2015

Saraswati Jayanti 2015 - Celebrated January 24th

We often hear about Saraswati Ma and Her connection to the mind, the heart, intelligence, the arts, music and sciences. We often forget that intuition is part of the concept of intelligence.

Saraswati has seven symbols. The one most connected with intuition is the rosary. It symbolizes "concentration of the mind on the Goddess." When you use your intuition you are tapping into the Divine, Goddess, Creative Forces. Edgar Cayce says that you are connecting with the Akashic Records or the Book of Life. Akashic is a Sanskrit term. It is a record of every action or all that exists in creation. It is called the Book of Life in the Bible or the Book of Remembrances. Edgar Cayce was a very well known American psychic born in Kentucky who could diagnose people's illnesses. He was put into a trance and he went to the Akashic Records to help the person get well. In the waking state he had an elementary school education and did not know anything about medicine. In this trance he actually saw a Hall of Records and a being showed him where to go for the answer to his question. The people he helped were people who medical doctors could not help. He would recommend holistic treatments with the information he received when he was in this trance. He also had premonitions of future events many of which came true. Many people in everyday life use intuition to solve problems just like Mr. Cayce. A woman's intuition is often spoken about in many books and stories.

The intuition goes beyond the mind. It taps into the Divine. This is why it is superior to book or left brain knowledge. It can't be explained in rational ways because this knowledge comes from the Divine.

Pandit Munelal Maharaj says women are naturally intuitive. So why are women, as a group, more intuitive? Very good question. There are some theories. The answer could lie in the fact that the connections between the left and right hemispheres of the brain are different in women. It has has been discovered that women are superior at seeing the whole picture when problem solving. Men have been found to be superior at focusing on one thing. In ancient times men hunted more and thus there may be an evolutionary reason they focus better on one thing. This would be important in hunting an animal to be able to focus well on one thing. Women had to see the whole picture because they farmed or took care of children, so this may be why they developed different connections in the brain.

While it's easier for women to be intuitive, there are certainly some men who are quite intuitive, too. I think it could be these men are different than other men in they may be more creative, artistic and scientific in their consciousness. They have a different energy than many other men because of this. Perhaps their minds are more geared to toward the whole picture than other men because of being involved with these activities. It would be interesting to do a study on people who commonly have these types of experiences to see what common factors are connected with their intuitive abilities.

Russian scientists studied extra-sensory experiences and found a high correlation between people in the creative arts and sciences and having these experiences. The right brain is used more in performing these abilities. These individuals may have developed their right brain hemispheres more completely than other people, so they can be more intuitive because of this.

Saraswati Ma is a Goddess which is connected with our intuitive, creative and imaginative side. Many scientific people talk about having dreams which solved a problem. Einstein solved his scientific problems via the dream route. He also was a violinist, so he was always using the right hemisphere of the brain. The dream state is a state between the awake state and the heavenly state or dimensions. The psychic vision is often described as being in a dream state while in the waking state. You often are in a very relaxed state of mind when you receive these visionary, psychic experiences. They can also happen when you are in a crisis and need to solve a problem like Einstein.

When I worked as a file clerk in a law office, I often had to find files very quickly. We used the computer to find out which attorney was connected with the file. This is the rational way of finding the file, but the rational way does not always work. There were times when I used intuition to find the file. I would ask, "Where is the file?" Often I would get the answer as an inner voice telling me where to find the file. It worked most of the time. It was truly amazing. The office manager thought I had a great memory, but I explained finding the file is not connected with memory. I said, "It goes beyond the mind. It's an inner voice which tells you where to find it. I think it's tapping into the Divine."

Tapping into the Divine is hard for some people to grasp or understand. Some people are so connected to this material existence that they can't fathom that other dimensions exist and that we all can tap into the Akashic experience in some way. In the Gita Arjuna was given Divine Vision by Krishna to see His whole being. It was everything that exists and all forms. Akasha is very much like this. Saraswati gives us Divine Vision to help us in our every day life.

One time when I was ill, I saw my guru, Pandit Munelal, in a vision. He took his hand and touched me. After that I felt so much better. It was a very vivid experience. As "real" as everyday life experiences. When I deliver my theatrical kathas, it's as though Mother Saraswati Herself has entered me. She just takes over the process. Ludwig van Beethoven said that his music came from God. He felt he was a conduit for this music. Other musical artists speak of creating music in state of consciousness where the music just comes to them. It's the Divine coming through in the world. I experience songwriting in much the same way, too.

Intuition can be so practical. A person has a feeling today is the right day to get a good deal on purchasing a product. She goes into the store and gets a good deal that day. The next day it's not on sale. There are many other similar types of experiences such as helping solve crimes and finding keys which can be very practical for everyday life.

To find out more about the Akashic Records, you can read two great books: Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records by Kevin J. Todeschi and the Akashic Experience: Science and the Cosmic Memory Field, an anthology collected by Ervin Laszlo. In the Vedic tradition Swami Vivekananda also has a great book called Raja Yoga where he describes the Akashic Field: "The whole Universe is comprised of two materials, one of which they call Akasha, the other is Prana, an energizing force. Akasha is the omnipresent, all-pentrating existence."

HAPPY SARASWATI JAYANTI! May Saraswati Ma give you great intuitive experiences."




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    • radhapriestess profile image

      radhapriestess 3 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

      Thanks for reading. Glad you liked it. I put out blogs every 2 weeks on the divine feminine, ecology, health, female leaders and saints, comparative religion and social concerns of women and girls.

    • Dip Mtra profile image

      Dip Mtra 3 years ago from World Citizen

      Happy Saraswati Jayanti to you as well. May the goddess of learning empower you more to write such beautiful hubs. Voted up.

      A fellow Hindu like you,