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Updated on August 7, 2015

Know Where You Are

Each one of us has that moment where we know there is nothing more that we can do in the levels in our lives as we are living them. Let's go over a few of them to give you an idea if this is you or not.

  1. You make things look easy
  2. You can do your job with your eyes closed and snoring
  3. You are bored and frustrated all at the same time and your attitude exhibits that
  4. The actual action of it makes you aggravate and exhausted to be where you are

The Moment of Enough

You should be exhausted because you have been doing this thing you are doing right now for years even decades and you just don't know how to get out of it.

You no doubt are thinking, "I've done all of the work, I've set it up, the platform is in place." You may also be so frustrated with the process of doing the mundane day to day that you are asking yourself this too, "I know how to do this, why am I still here?"

Simply put you are a scared, there is a touch of fear of the unknown that you may not have realized was there. You need to address the fact that the idea of uncertainty is there. It's very natural to have those feelings but tell yourself you have an option, you can stay or you can go.

Why You Can Do This

Fact is you can SO do this. The only reason why you should know that you can is that you have been doing what you have been for so long you have forgotten what it took for you to get where you are now.

It took a vision, a plan, action and execution. Now you have perfected what you have and it seems as if you have always known how to do this right? No you started somewhere.

Time To Push and Go

You have to know that you can do this and believe it with every fiber in your being that the next phase of your life is yours for the taking. Your desire to transition your life to better days has to be stronger than you being comfortable doing what you are doing right now.

This is the screaming and pushing point all at once. That moment that you have to decide and make a move. Begin doing this with a get up and go attitude daily. No it will not be easy to do daily. However each time that you think about where you are right now think about where you can go and focus on that.

You will have to put blinders on, you will have to block people and limit your connections with people, places and things that kept you distracted.

Be like the tired gladiator today when all he has left in his battle is the last bits of breath in his body, yet he takes of running sword in hand, running in slow motion for the slaying of the beast or the army in front of him. He lets out a scream and goes for it running as fast as his last breath with take him.

That is you right now. The beast and that army is your fears, your worries, your concerns of will this work? YES.....NOW GO Day Shifter...SHIFT YOUR LIFE TO BETTER DAYS..

Be Well



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