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Updated on February 14, 2017

Destroying Your Smoking Habit Naturally

On February 24th Shiva Ratri is celebrated in the West. Shiva is an aspect of the Hindu Trinity. He destroys and creates something better for us all. He eliminates what we do not want in our lives. He eliminates our negative tendencies, such as racism, sexism, selfishness, greed and bad habits. On New Years' Day we often make resolutions to eliminate negative traits and habits and try to replace them with a better lifestyle. He is reminding us to keep up those resolutions. He can help with destruction of those bad habits and tendencies.

Shiva wears a serpent around his neck and meditates on Mount Kailish in Tibet. The serpent symbolizes kundalini power, which is cosmic energy coiled and slumbering within us. It releases into the spine, so that we can obtain God realization. His energy and power comes from his consort, known as Shakti, Parvati, Durga or Uma. They are all aspects of the Divine Mother. The Mother is the Shakti power of the Universe. Nothing can be accomplished without the Shakti-Mother energy.

Smoking is a one of the most destructive habits of humanity. It is responsible for one fifth of all deaths. Second hand smoke is even more destructive. We all do die at one time and go on to the next life, but our quality of life and health can very seriously affected by the smoking habit. It is the leading cause of cancer and causes suffering to all beings around the smoker. The smoker also suffers greatly from ill health. It can also cause birth defects. Doctors don't always tell you what is in cigarettes. They contain all the heavy metals known to humanity, thousands of chemicals, herbicides and pesticides. A cigarette contains 43 known carcinogens.

Besides cancer it causes many lung ailments, such as bronchitis, asthma and emphysema. It is the leading cause of heart disease. The smoker often suffers nutritional deficits because smoking causes the destruction of Vitamin C in the body. Smokers also have decreased immune system function. It takes a smoker longer to recover from colds and flu. Smoking also reduces sperm count in men and birth defects in children. Female smokers are more likely to have miscarriages and still births. Smokers suffer from premature aging, decreased circulation, digestive disorders, diminished eyesight, gum disease, Alzheimer's and depression at higher rates than non-smokers.

Natural Alternatives

Chant, meditation and yoga can be very helpful when you are trying to quit smoking. Qigong can be effective for some individuals. Hypnotherapy has been also used to help the smoker kick the habit.

Keep in mind that a smoker's blood sugar levels raise after a smoker's starts to smoke. When the blood sugar levels go down, the smoker craves a cigarette. Replacing a healthy food, such as pure fruit juice with no additives, can be helpful in reducing your cravings.

Keep in mind you are detoxifying when quit smoking, so these natural methods can be very helpful with detoxification of your body. Observe when you smoke. There may be a pattern, such as smoking after dinner or when you are in stressful situations. Replace your smoking with a better alternative, such as walking, chant, meditation or yoga. Dr. Deepak Chopra uses this method to help his patients kick the habit. He used to be a smoker at one time. Addiction is about satisfaction. A better habit will satisfy you more completely than a bad habit.

What foods are good for smoking detoxification? Oats, yogurt, sunflower seeds, crystallized ginger without the sugar, alkalinizing foods, high chlorophyll vegetables, beta-carotene rich foods, high sulfur foods, high fiber foods and fresh vegetables juices are the best foods. Eating an orange or other fruit which is high in Vitamin C can be helpful for some individuals. Dr. Theron Randolph did a study on using an orange for smokers who quit. They were more successful than those who did not eat the high Vitamin C fruit.

Some herbs can be helpful, such as ashwaganda, cloves, garlic, ginger, ginseng, juniper berries, lobelia, magnolia, marjoram, mullein, oat seed or oat straw.

Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Calcium-magnesium, B-Complex vitamins, zinc, Vitamin E, selenium, tyrosine, GABA, l-glutamine and l-cysteine can work well for some people.

Swimming, taking a shower, using steam, and bath soaks can be helpful for some people. Aromatherapy is another option. Lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange essential oils can be good for some individuals. If you are allergic to those citrus oils, you could try lavender or clove. For more details read the book, Addiction-Free Naturally, by Brigette Mars, an herbalist and nutrition consultant. The publisher is Healing Arts Press, Rochester, Vermont. The distributer is Inner Traditions. She also has natural suggestions for those with sugar, caffeine, food, alcohol and prescription drugs addictions.

Contact your health care provider or practitioner in order to develop a program for you. Naturopaths, chiropractors, homeopaths, holistic MDs, herbalists, nutritionists, Ayurvedic practitioners, psychologists or hypnotherapists can help you with your smoking addiction. This blog is for informational purposes and not meant to provide medical and practitioners advise.

You can change your life for the better. Recognize Shiva as the destroyer who is creating a new and better world for you. Happy Shiva Ratri!




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