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Updated on July 12, 2014

Guru Purnima Celebrates Guru & Disciple Relationship

Today I did an aratee to honor my own guru, Pandit Munelal Maharaj, for Guru Purnima celebrates the relationship between disciple and spiritual teacher. Your relationship with your guru is unique and special.

Anandi Ma, guru of the Kundalini Maha Yoga lineage, was fourteen when she first met her guru, Dhyanyogi Madhusudandas. On the last day of Navratri, festival dedicated to the Divine Mother, she had a dynamic experience. The priest asked her to repeat some mantras. She entered into so deep a meditative state that no one could rouse her. She fell over into the fire pit but was not harmed. Dhyanyogi then knew she was the disciple he had been waiting for who would carry on the Kundalini tradition. He was very aware that she was a highly spiritually evolved person but because her vibration was so high it was hard for her to function in the world. He asked her parents' permission to work with her to lower her vibration, so that she could function in the world.

So she entered his ashram for three years learning Kundalini Maha Yoga and how to use her vibration effectively in the world. This form of yoga goes back to Rama who taught it to Sita who then taught others to carry on the tradition.

Dhayanyogi started teaching this tradition in 1976 in the United States along with Anandi Ma. Centers were established in Maine, Connecticut and California. In 1980 he returned to India. Anandi Ma then remained in the United States to carry on this tradition which her guru taught her. She married Dileepji, a devotee of her guru, after her guru suggested they marry. She needed someone to wake her out of meditative states and she needed a translator. Her native language is Gujarati and he speaks English and Gujarati. She was very shy and did not want to become a teacher of the tradition, but her guru knew she was ready to carry on the tradition and had been chosen by the Divine Mother to do so. Your spiritual teacher sometimes gets you to go beyond your comfort zone, so that you can grow spiritually.

She had many mystical experiences where she merged with the Divine Mother and other deities. Dileepji explains one of those experiences, "From the statue of the Divine Mother there was a very brilliant, dazzling light, a thousand suns coming out, and then the Mother got absorbed in her." Having had some mystical experiences myself, I understand that it is very difficult to describe these kinds of experiences to others who have not had similar experiences. They are experiences beyond words and they are intense emotionally and spiritually.

Ma explains what Kundalini is, "The kundalini is the part of the soul which comes before, and prepares the body before the soul can actually enter it. After the creation of the physical body is completed, it becomes dormant at the base of the spine. Yogis use that same energy to reach back to the soul, then to God." This is an excellent explanation of kundalini. It is essentially the feminine energy which helps a person evolve spiritually. A cleaning process happens when the kundalini rises in a serpent-like pattern. Negative fears and emotions get burned off, so that you can achieve your spiritual goals. Everyone's experience is different when it comes to rising the kundalini.

It is very interesting that most of the rishis and rishikas were not celibate but were married often to other teachers, sages, yogis and yoginis. A person of their intelligence would be best off marrying someone of equal intelligence. Sannyasi or renunciation is really in the heart. In fact being a householder is actually more spiritually challenging and more spiritual growth is possible then living in an ashram. Her guru believed one should live in the world to be more spiritually advanced. The goal of marriage is truly spiritual evolution not just an avenue through which children come into the world.

Anandi Ma says that realizing your true identity is the goal in life. Then you can truly love others and grow spiritually. This is where true change comes when you realize you are a soul. Accumulating wealth can never bring internal happiness. Wealth can certainly pay the bills, but it can used for the common good or for ill purposes. When you have less materially, you are not so attached to the idea that you have to have luxuries. You are happy when you have enough for basics. You are more in tune with your inner qualities having value and it is easier to enhance your relationship with God.

Ron Rattner, a lawyer who received initiation into Kundalini Maha Yoga, says this of Anandi Ma, "It's nice that there seems to be be more women teachers of promise--our society needs that. We need to come into touch with the Goddess within. Anandi Ma is teaching us how to do that in the best way possible: by example."

Happy Guru Purnima. May you experience a great relationship with your guru today. It's special when you have the opportunity to be with your spiritual teacher today. You will always cherish the experience but remember your guru is always with you in spirit!




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