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Updated on October 28, 2012



Elderfuthark Rune SOWULO


Alternative Names

Sowilo, Sowelu, Sigel, Sowelu, Sugil, Sigil, Sol, Sig.

Key Phrase

‘You have the power

to bring things to fruition.’


The Sun.

Viking Rune Equivalent and Meaning

Wholeness. The Sun.


Caressing Fire

Tarot Equivalent

The Sun - 19 - XIX

Divinatory Meaning

The Sun;Good Fortune; wholeness.

Corresponding Letter and Phonic Value


Associated Colour


Associated Gemstone


Associated Tree


Associated Myths and Deities

Sunna. Sacred to Balder – the beautiful god, and the Solar Wheel.

Manifestation Uses

To increase positive energies; to bring about activity; for good health and fertility.

To increase physical strength and stamina. Strengthens the spiritual and psychic powers and abilities.

Relationship Interpretation

Development of individuality within the relationship.

Healing Colour and Qualities


To use for energy and strength and healing for the entire body. Excellent for nervous disorders.

To ease ligament pain, use in conjunction with the Mannaz rune.


Worn as a talisman, Sowulo gives a boost to energy levels, increases strength and encourages enthusiasm.

Sowulo Drawn Upright


Success, positive energy, power, day, hope, attainment, harmony, contact with the higher self, light of the world, beneficent magic, spiritual power to resist disintegration, guidance, healing, victory, fertility, good health, healing, glory, inspiration, honour, victory, education, high achievements, obtained goals.

SOWULO is ‘Motion and Energy.’

Sowulo is the eighth and final rune of the second Aett. It is a rune of education and understanding.

Sowulo represents the power of the Sun. In almost every religion in the world, the Sun is held most sacred.

To the Norse, the sun was known as ‘Sunna’ or ‘Sol’ and was considered feminine. The sun’s light and warmth symbolises life, nurturing, growth and all that is good.

According to Norse cosmology, the sun is driven around the heavens in a chariot chased by a great wolf, which intends to devour it when it reaches Ragnarok. The sun is associated with the horse, as Norse mythology dictates that the sun is carted through the sky by a horse and chariot. Sowulo then, is also associated with the horse. In Norse mythology, this chariot is driven by a girl. Some mythologists suggest that the girl is actually the goddess Freya and her sun-chariot is pulled by two large black cats.

As a representation of power, nothing compares to the Sun in this world. With the Sowulo rune, it represents success and glory. The Sun is very much an active symbol. The Sowulo rune encourages one to take positive action and move forward along their path, taking a brief pause to bask in the sunshine, warmth and healing rays of the sun along the way.

The Sowulo rune represents someone or something that is a ‘guiding light’ for others, a teacher or mentor. Sowulo can also be viewed as a ‘road map.’ It lights the way.

This rune also symbolises the consciousness of the inner self and may indicate growth in various ways and on many levels. It provides enlightenment and success through individual will. It is a rune of education and understanding and is a transformative rune.

Sowulo represents high achievements, honour and goals obtained.

When drawing Sowulo in a reading it is telling you that you have the power to bring all good things to fruition. Good fortune awaits you and you may feel a positive vibe around you at the moment. The power of the Sun will enable you to face dark parts within yourself, without fear.

Sowulo is indicating that it is a good time to seek solutions to problems as the answers are well within your reach. It is also an indication that the work and effort you have put into projects and situations will be blessed. For example, the seeds you have sown are now being touched by the sun, and are ready to sprout forth.

Sowulo is the rune of potential and success, energy and expansion. Sowulo promises that goals will be achieved and honour bestowed. It presages a union between the conscious and the unconscious, but it also counsels restraint.

Sowulo is an extremely powerful rune when used bound with others, in conjunction with others and as bindrunes.

Sowulo Drawn Reversed


Sowulo cannot be reversed but can lay in opposition. Destruction, bad counsel, false success, gullibility, loss of goals, retribution, injustice

If the Sowulo Rune is drawn reversed, it is a message to stay focused on goals and aspirations at this time and not to allow your subconscious or inner fears to stop or deter you from your path.

Reversed, Sowulo speaks of bad advice leading to false goals being set. It also warns of despair and retribution.

*N.B. To the ancient Norse and Pagans alike, the symbol for the sun, the Solar Cross, is two Sowulo runes drawn across one another.

This is the ancient Swastika, once a beautiful symbol of hope, good fortune and everything positive.


Sacred Scribes

RUNES – The Elderfuthark


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