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S.W.A.T. Spiritual Mapping

Updated on October 28, 2010

Warriors Praying

Intro to SWAT

Just a reminder, SWAT means Spiritual Warfare and Tactics. If you are serious about prayer and the Lord moving in your life and in your community. I would only hope that what the SWAT Hubs in tale, would inspire you or point you to material that can be useful in waging the war on the enemy. We are to take the Land and posses it. Lets take back what the enemy has taken.

First and foremost, in everything we need Jesus. He is the one that should lead us in such endeavors. For truly it is by His spirit alone that any thing can be accomplished PERIOD.

Before you set out to be praying for things discussed in these hubs, assemble a small group of people who Love God, and are serious about prayer and warfare. A band of warriors who are like minded in the things of God, and are established on the sure foundation of God's Truth.

Spiritual Mapping

Have you ever been on a treasure hunt? There are many things that your team are going to set out and find within your community! Spiritual mapping is just that. You find the facts on your city, such as original sins, strongholds, and anything else the Lord leads you to in your discovery.

Each city has it own personality so to speak. It is through many things that this personality is developed. Look at the people? How they interact with one another. Who was the founder or founders of the city? What was their story? Look at the businesses and the names of the businesses. What kind of murals around town do you find? What is the involvement of the churches in the community, or involvement of churches with other churches in the community? Things that God can reveal to you, can come through looking at just a few of these things. This can be fun as you discover the history of your city.

I have heard of people creating a war room, so to speak of the things gathered in the quest to know these things. In doing so they have discovered great things about where it is they live. When you discover the original sins of your city(strongholds), you are able to bring such to the Lord and repent and ask God for the healing of the things that came forth from such. Sort of like reversing the curse that has been passed down through this transgression. God can give you a strategy and teach of the things to look for and instruct you in what He would like to do concerning an issue.

Example of History of where I live.

Where i live is in southern part of Washington state. The Lord reveal to me one of the earliest sins of this area. This land used to belong to the native people way back in the day. There used to be an Indian burial ground that was on a rock smack center of this area, called coffin rock. Coffin Rock earned its name by what the early surveying/settlers discovers. It was a rock that stood 225ft high and was a fairly large area. When you went up on this you would find canoe looking objects suspended about 4-5 ft in the air. These suspended coffins had weapons and utensils of the deceased dangling from them. This was an Indian burial ground.

The early surveyors thought that being up on this rock was a good vantage point to survey the land. They could see for quite a distance. Well the used it for such and camp at the foot of this rock. While they where camping a fire broke out and ended up consuming the whole hill side, including all that was on it. One can only imagine what it was that the people felt when this great tragedy happened. The hate, the grief, sorrow, and so much more. What a great transgression? Can you imagine the division caused between the people? How about how this affected this area and its development? Just imagine the Healing that could come forth in the people from having true repentance and forgiveness emerge. For God to remove the stronghold of bitterness in the hearts of the people, and for Love to overtake them with the purpose of God. Well that is my prayer, that in time God would do so...

Usefull materials.

There are lots of books out there concerning all kinds of things about prayer. Two useful books i would like to suggest, are: "Possessing the gates of the enemy" by Cindy Jacobs, and "Taking our cities for God" by John Dawson.

These books really will hit home on these issue that we will be discussing in the Swat Hubs.

"Possessing the gates of the enemy" is about militant intersession.

"Taken our cities for God" is about revealing strongholds and intersession for transformation.

For now until Next time God Bless...


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    • DaKingsKid profile image

      DaKingsKid 7 years ago

      Thank You Michael. I am just pouring out what God truly has given me. Praise God, I like Hub Pages, there are a lot of amazing people sharing their hearts in here..

    • Michael Adams1959 profile image

      Michael Adams1959 7 years ago from Wherever God leads us.

      Great writing I believe if you keep it up you will be highly rated on the hubpages community.