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Sacrifice leads us ultimately to our spiritual goals!

Updated on August 14, 2016


Though we know that joys are ephemeral, we pursue it relentlessly!

It is our own experience! Yes, if we deeply contemplate on the positive and negative experiences we had, we realize that “nothing lasts, everything pass”! Like the good moments which pass quickly, the bad moments too pass but it weighs our mind and we feel that the time is moving slowly unlike the good moments. We relish and enjoy the good times and hence time pass very quickly. We feel sad and dejected during troubles and time seems to standstill.

But every one of us invariably goes through moment of discontent, in spite of better times! Why? The feelings of joy or exultation are ‘hollow’ and it is not real. We work for certain aims in life. Sometimes, luck favors us and we realize our goal, be it a job search or admission in some foreign university or landing in a plump post which fetches in lakhs per month! We may marry even the girl friend. But, everything is fickle and momentary. Without realizing the hollowness of the experience, we become happy. But how long is the next question. Even if one receives a lottery of millions of dollars, that euphoria will never last beyond few days. This is the general experience of one and all. Till one achieves his goal, there will be anxieties and worries. Once he reaches the aim, there is a temporary contentment of the mind. Since the mind is never steady, within one or two days, it hankers for some other aim! The next question is how to achieve perennial happiness? It is not possible with worldly possessions or achievements or relationships.

Nice quotes!

Our inner self is repository of Bliss!

The inner self is the repository of eternal bliss but there is disconnect between the self and body. The self is a mere witness and it is not concerned with the affairs of the body/mind complex. Hence the self could remain in bliss. Everybody has connections with their body/mind and external world. Hence the agitations of the mind and external world affect the individual. We falsely believe that a wealthy man has no concerns and he is happy. It may seem so for our outer observation. Ask the wealthy man, whether he is happy? He will pour out his woes. There is none in the world who is affluent as well as happy! It is the decree of Providence! Even after knowing that the worldly wealth and happiness is fragile, people try in many ways to obtain the elusive happiness. Ultimately they realize that every joy is fleeting like the streaks of lightning.

Then, what is the way out of this eternal struggle for happiness by mankind? The scriptures have answers to all the perplexing questions by mankind! The scriptures point out, ‘as long as our vision is in the external world of things and persons, we cannot avoid grief and sorrow! Buddha realized this Truth and proclaimed to his disciples “Everything is grief, everything is momentary”. He left his wife and son in midnight in search of Truth! He has seen that diseases, old age and death cannot be avoided by anyone in the world. Hence there is no use in pursuing the momentary happiness. He was roaming as a mendicant and was meditating on Truth. Finally he realized that everything is futile and grief. He started begging for his food and teaching the disciples whatever he has learned through meditation.


Through sacrifice, Jesus was honored and glorified

The teachings of all saints, sages and prophets are one and the same! The teachings are available in many languages. Only those who had faith in the teachings and followed them benefited immensely. Self-Realization is the sole aim for which human birth is granted to us. But we become oblivious of the single aim and wander in the desert sands of mundane life. A recluse is indifferent to the pulls and pushes of the mind which is enslaved by the senses! We imagine that we are too weak to pursue spiritual path! But the spiritual path is not as tuff as leading worldly life. On the earth, we have to struggle for all things with our own capacity and none will really help to reach our goals. In spiritual path, a preceptor will guide us and the inner self will invisibly take us on the path safely. We have to rely on the guide as well as follow the promptings of inner self. In the external world, we cannot rely upon any. They will leave you midway. But god will never forsake the devotee at any time. There may be tests to check our tenacity. Even while forcing a nail in the wall, we test it by pulling whether it is driven deep. Is it wrong on the part of god, to test us at random? Even during our school days, we are subjected to tests and exams. We willingly take the tests. Based on the outcome, we will be promoted to next higher classes. Similarly, god wants to test our spiritual progress often and hence he subjects us to manifold experiences and assess how we face those tests!

We cannot get anything without exertion! Like our efforts, the results will follow. Hard work will never go waste. Sometimes, the results may be delayed but surely we will not be deprived of the results! Riots toiling for a whole year will sometimes become disappointed due to poor rain! But there will be good monsoon in the next season or the riot will explore some alternative crops which may not need lot of water like the rice and other grains. Even scanty rain or water supply will produce sufficient yield. As we are subjected to more tests, we become tough to deal with the situations. Siddhartha has not become Buddha overnight! He sacrificed the palace life, the companionship of his young wife and son, moved away from the place in midnight to seek the Truth of life. He wandered all over, begged his food and meditated on truth. Ultimately he got wisdom and the world revere him today for his beautiful teachings. Jesus underwent many tortures at the hands of the Priests and authorities in the kingdom! He sacrificed his own life in the crucifix for no fault of him. He preached the Truth and Gospel of Father! But, the worldly minded materialistic people could not tolerate his glory and conspired to punish him! Who is glorified now? Jesus is glorified for his supreme sacrifice and nearly 60% of the population follows his teachings now!

Sacrifice is the only way through which we can reach the kingdom of God. Worldly enjoyments will lead one to the doom ultimately!


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