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Sadly, we are behind the animal species!

Updated on January 29, 2016

Are we following the real human traits?

We have two words ‘homogenies’ and heterogeneous’. What these two words signify? Homogenies are of identical parts and heterogeneous constitute different parts. For instance, mankind is homogenies whereas ‘animals’ are heterogeneous. Why? There are many species of animals all around the globe but mankind is really one, though there may be differences in size, shape, color, language and race. All mankind possess common features throughout the globe, unlike the different kind of animal species.

There is one more marked feature among the human beings. They have a discerning mind, thinking power, and most importantly discriminating and choosing powers among different options. The fundamental thing about man is, “he alone possesses the ability to transcend birth and death and escape from the cycle of existence and get final release! No other species in the world, other than human beings possess this important power.

To gain such immortal position, he has to relinquish his identity with the body/mind complex. He has to relinquish all his desires and ambitions in the external world. Slowly he has to gain command over hunger and sleep too! Yes, the Himalayan yogis engage themselves in ceaseless meditation. Hunger, sleep and a desire for mate are the baser instincts of man. They are grouped under animal qualities.

Every human being in this world desires for perpetual happiness or joy. But unfortunately, worldly joys are instantaneous and fleeting. Hence there is a mad chase to enjoy different varieties of pleasures like the different tastes one seeks in food. Even after consuming many varieties of food of different tastes, his taste buds crave for more and more. This is natural too. The life span of healthy individual may last for one hundred years only in some rare cases. Normally people pass away before the age of eighty and few people survive the eighty +. Well, the man who has lived for eighty + might have enjoyed a lot during his life span. But ask him the secret behind the longevity and he will explain that the life style followed by him so far has enabled him to live until the ripe age. What are those life styles? Controlled food, controlled sleep, and hard work are some of the secrets of longevity.

Hence those who enjoy the pleasures of the world generally pass away in their middle age. Sensory pleasures make one a slave, and he becomes an addict in due course. Drinking spoils the physical as well as mental health. But the beauty of the nature is,’while all other species of life lead a controlled life, man alone has become a gourmet, drunkard and womanizer. Lions will eat as per their hunger. Once their stomach is filled, they will not hanker for more bite and they never store the remnants for further intake. Only the jackals and hyenas relish the left over from lion’s share. Hence the lion is considered a royal among the animal kingdom.

Why man has descended to such abysmal level in spite of his superior intelligence than other species? It is the freedom of choice which degraded his level. He ought to choose the best, and not the ordinary habits which are followed by worldly individuals. Senses easily enslave the mind! While the intellect has to guide the mind, in most of the cases, senses lead men to perdition. Hence he descends much deep compared to animals and birds. Hence many human beings possess beastly tendencies like looting, killing, adulteration and all other vices like drinking and gambling.

Because of his big ego, he is not amenable to sane counsel. The pig enjoys rolling in filth and garbage and it consider living there as a joyful pastime. Do we relish the habit of pig? But the nature and instinct of pig is different from a human being. For millions of years, pigs enjoy rolling in filth.

Because of the misleading senses and big ego, wise people among the ordinary can be counted with the fingers of hand. Hence we have very few prophets and sages appearing on earth when morality is on the lowest ebb. God depute saints and sages according to the needs of time and the behavior of people at a place. Hence we have number of good people, few wise people and one or two saints.

When the situation is ripe, ,He himself will descend in the form of a human and set right things as in the cases of Jesus, Buddha and other such incarnations of God!

Krishna quotes!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 22 months ago

      Thank you brother! It is a 'white paper' on the condition of human life on earth!

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 22 months ago from london

      You pulled no punches with this one, Bro. Told it as it is. Alas! Life can be so painful and so sad for many, and we descend to the level of the brute. Faith ...more Faith ...needed.