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Sagittarius Rising Explained

Updated on September 1, 2011

The ascendant is the astrological mask and if your particular ascendant was in Sagittarius when you were born, that is going to affect the way people perceive you. You may come across as a typical Sagittarius when people first meet you, or you may share only a few milder traits, depending on your specific rising sign placement. But you will absolutely have something in common with your Sagittarius sun cousins! To learn more about this rising sign, do read on!

Happy Go Lucky

The first thing most people think when they meet someone with this rising sign is how happy go lucky they seem to be! Sagittarius ascendant has a natural enthusiasm and they are generally very easy to get along with. They will start a chat with just about anyone, even if they can't speak the same language! These folks simply love to explore the world around them and this includes getting to know their fellow inhabitants. For the most part, they will often be out and about doing this or that because they are the complete opposite of the couch potato. These people get cabin fever if they spend more than a few hours indoors, so you will often be able to find them doing something in the great outdoors.


Mind the Overconfidence!

Sagittarius rising tends to lean towards overconfidence, both in themselves and those around them. The latter is due to an innate desire to trust everyone, while the former is simply an issue of ego. No matter how many times they get burned by other people, they will rebound and start all over again with the same childlike innocence that allowed them to get burned the first time. And when it comes to their overconfidence in self, this is more or less typical of all fire signs -- the difference here is that Leo and Aries have an exterior personality that inspires confidence in others, whereas Sagittarius has a softer edge and tends to seem a bit naïve because of it.

Opinions Galore

Every Sagittarius has a well-stocked arsenal of opinions and the rising sign is no exception. They've got loads and loads of things they've formed these opinions on and they are more than happy to share them ALL with you. In fact, they probably feel it's their appointed duty! Some of these opinions will be fine with you, but many will strike you as downright rude. There's a good reason for that, so don't take it too personally. The reason? He or she is just too damned blunt and they have absolutely no talent for diplomacy whatsoever! However, to be fair, it must be said that they can usually take what they dish out, and in blunt fashion as well. Therefore it's best to realize they don't mean any harm when speaking the "truth" they are simply making an observation and they feel the truth, no matter how rude it seems to us, is actually just a neutral statement of the obvious.


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