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Sagittarius Woman and Gemini Man

Updated on January 16, 2011

Sagittarius woman and Gemini man will have a very strong physical attraction pulling at them from the start. These two will be very keen to get to know one another and it's quite possible for them to have a long, satisfying relationship. At the same time, there will be fundamental differences in behavior that could drive a wedge into the mix from the very beginning. If the Sagittarius woman and Gemini man want to safeguard their romance, they need to take steps to ensure they are both able to adapt to the others needs from the start, because if they don't do this, things could go pretty wonky, pretty early on. Read on to learn more about the astrological compatibility between the Sagittarius woman and Gemini man.

copyright Tavmjong
copyright Tavmjong

Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius woman is an outdoorsy, energetic woman who enjoys life and wants to experience as much as she can every day. Gemini man is equally energetic, but he's more into putting that energy into socializing than actual physical activities like the Sagittarius woman. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but they will probably need to compromise and take turns accompanying the other to events and excursions to keep everyone feeling like they are getting their fair share of time doing what they love to do. Sagittarius woman is also very honest and direct, and while Gemini man can be the same, he will be a bit thrown off the first time Sagittarius woman hits him with some serious honesty about her perceptions of him. He should bear in mind that it's not personal, she's simply just that honest with everyone. Even herself.

Gemini Man

Gemini man is a natural flirt and he loves to chat up other women. He will often do this in front of his girlfriend because he feels that since he's doing it out in the open she will know it's just harmless fun and means nothing to him. Sagittarius woman will not find that terribly comforting (and neither would any other woman, for that matter!) and he may find himself standing alone at that party with the woman who means nothing, while the woman who means something goes home and contemplates kicking him to the curb. Sagittarius woman has given her heart freely too many times in the past and she's much more protective of it now -- if Gemini man loves her, he needs to reserve that love for her, and her alone, because the heart does not distinguish easily between "fun and meaningless" flirting and the real thing.


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