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Sagittarius Woman and Libra Man

Updated on January 16, 2011

This fire and air combination of Sagittarius woman and Libra man could go either way. It might be fantastic on all counts, or it could be a nightmare. It's truly and 50/50 thing and in order to discover the likelihood of either outcome, one must really be willing to look deep into oneself and know their flaws and their own ability to change or at least improve upon them. There is such a difference of fundamental behavior in these two that it could result in major fighting, or the perfect pairing of complementary souls. Read on to find out more about the astrological matching of the Sagittarius woman and Libra man.

copyright Tavmjong
copyright Tavmjong

Sagittarius Woman

This woman is energetic and loves change. Libra man is less energetic but he, too, loves change and loves to explore. Sagittarius woman will enjoy traversing the world with him, but she may doubt his enthusiasm because it's not really in his nature to express himself as enthusiastically as she does. She may start to feel like he's less than interested and this could put a damper on her own enthusiasm. The same goes for their love life. She all fire and passion when she expresses her love, but he's more controlled and patient. She may take this as a sign that he's not as interested as she is, because she doesn't realize he is simply savoring the moment. To her, this is a sign that she's not enough for him, and they will both need to adapt to this need over time, because if they don't, she may go so far as to convince herself she's not attractive enough for him and that will not have a happy ending for anyone.

Libra Man

Libra man adores Sagittarius woman's zest for life and he greatly, greatly admires and values her honesty. He loves her, finds her attractive and sensual, but there is a part of him that also sees himself having a fatherly role to play in order to help her learn to be more patient and mature. He doesn't do this out of a sense of superiority, he simply sees it as his duty to help her tone the fires down when the situation calls for it. Initially, Sagittarius woman may find this behavior comforting and welcome the advice. But over time it will be necessary for the Libra man to take care with his approach -- he should talk to her as though he's her man, not her father, because Sagittarius woman does not want to be controlled by anyone and she's not looking for a father figure.


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