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Environmental awareness and Sagittarius

Updated on December 3, 2009

The mythological figure of the centaur was half man and half horse representing the merging power of body and mind into one being. Sagittarius and the Centaur speak about becoming aware both of the body and the mind and mastering them as one entity. Sagittarius has been traditionally identified with travel, higher education and expansion but in essence all of these reflect a higher level of connection and awareness with that which surround us and therefore our capability to interact and affect our environment.  We cannot exist isolated from everything that surrounds us in the same way that the body cannot live without the mind or vice versa. The interaction of every element in the universe includes us and we are responsible to make sure that our effect in the rest of the universe is towards enlightenment instead of destruction. 

When we enter the month of Sagittarius we are entering a time of awareness about our environment and a time to become aware of the need for harmony between the mind and the body. Winter in the northern hemisphere brings colder weather and less hours of light which naturally lead us to be more aware of how our bodies are feeling. Temperature, weather, nature are together helping to reinforce the message of the month: expand and understand that your body and your mind are one and you are one with the rest of the universe.  A real environmentalist must be aware of his capacity to change everything surrounding him and act accordingly.  Whoever decides to take a stand and defend the environment is exercising the nature of Sagittarius in the extent that the process involves becoming aware of a higher truth and a spiritual connection with nature.  This does not require becoming religious or attached to any spiritual belief as it has to be a choice of freedom.


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