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Sai - Thy Kingdom Come; Thy Will Be Done

Updated on June 15, 2014

The "Understanding-after-the-event"

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba left His physical frame on the 24th of April 2011. When that happened, there was widespread disbelief among the devotees. According to various instances and references, Baba had said that He would be in His physical frame till 92, 94 and 96 years of age with the ‘96-years’ concept being the most popular version. How then, could He leave at 85? Thus, came the ‘theories’ of a second coming, a return to the physical. And then came the masterpiece compilation - Sai, Thy Kingdom Come - by S.Narayan which brought together all the different things Bhagawan had said about the ‘length’ of His life. It also presented evidence from the various scriptures, Nadis and the like while proposing a second coming. It felt really wonderful reading the same.

However, whenever I read, heard or came to know about different accounts regarding His second coming, a voice from within kept speaking to me in a single statement. That statement too is Swami’s. It is very poignant and profound. One could meditate for long on it. This was the statement of Baba that my heart kept telling me,
“When you cannot understand my silence, how will you understand my words?”

There is the story of a sage undertaking a penance for centuries in an attempt to understand the Vedas. At the end of it, he realizes that if the Vedas were the four mountains, his understanding has been equivalent to a grain of sand! These are metaphorical stories to indicate that when it comes to divinity, the intellect and the mind and grossly inadequate in imparting an understanding. That understanding lies in the realms of the heart which is beyond the mind and intellect.

God’s words are never false. In fact, a Vedic scholar was once asked,
“Swami keeps telling various things about what is in the Vedas. Are those things really present in the Vedic texts?”
The scholar, Sri Kamavadhani, replied emphatically,
“Fool, Swami’s word is the Veda!”
According to him, Swami’s word defined the Vedic word. It was not the case of checking whether what Swami spoke was the truth for whatever He spoke became the Truth. His first name, Sathya, means Truth and His words were the definition of Truth!

So the debate here is not about what Bhagawan said, but of our understanding. My experiences have shown me that dreams about Swami are true. Swami Himself has said that it is His will that He appears in a person’s dream. On the 11th of February 2010, I had a dream in which, among the other things, I saw Swami on an operating table with a doctor explaining so many things to Him. I grasped a few things - something about cutting and slicing something out from His body, doing something to support His back and planting an ‘inflatable’ thing within Him. The other part of th dream was clear to me but I did not understand the ‘hospital’ part. That is, till Baba was implanted with an ‘inflatable’ thing - Baba’s lungs were inflated; and something was done to support His back - continuous dialysis (the kidneys are located at the back).

Though Swami had indicated what was to happen more than a year in advance, I understood its import only when the right time came. I could neither interpret what was to happen, nor take precautionary steps in any way in the February of 2010.

This ‘understanding-after-the-event’ is a commonality that I have seen even in the Nadi scripts, the prophecies of Nostradamus or any other future-predicting science. If people accepted what the Nadi said or what Mehdi Moud said about the advent of Baba on earth, why then did they not believe in Him till He Himself established His divinity beyond doubt? It was only after being convinced of His divinity that people understood and accepted what the scriptures said. It was more a case of Swami lending credibility to the Nadi and other scriptures rather than the other way around!


Another Dream...

Again, here is another dream that I had on the 17th of January, 2011. Among the other things that happened in the dream,
Swami said that He would leave and go up (meaning give up the body). He seemed quite sad and so I told Him that He should not feel so bad or sad. Then Swami asked,
“But who will give ______ to me?”
I am not able to remember what He asked for but in my dream it was like something that I did not have a lot of and I wondered as to how the little I had would help Swami. But I told Him,
“Swami don’t worry. I will give. It’s not about the future, even now I shall give. All that is mine is yours. You know that.”
Swami knew that I was speaking very honestly, and He seemed slightly better. Then He said, “But still....the time is coming. I have to go.”
Then I said,
“Swami truly speaking, I too feel very bad when I think that you are going. But since you are feeling bad, I am not showing my emotions. It is not good for two people to feel sad simultaneously”
At this point, Swami sat closing His eyes. I thought of asking,
“Swami even after you are gone, I will be in touch with you right?”
So I say,
But Swami is lost and I do not elicit anything of Him.

The previous night to this, I had a stomach upset. In the morning, though I noted down the dream because it was very vivid and real, I convinced myself that it was an ‘indigestion dream’! Once again, though the Truth was revealed, it was not understood before the right time - the 24th of April 2011 in this case.

What I am trying to say is that though there is no doubt that Swami has always spoken the Truth, I cannot understand what He says till the right time for that comes. What then about the second coming? I too had a significant dream. But frankly, the right time has not come to understanding it I feel. Here is the dream anyway. This was on the 4th of March, 2012.

I had been called for an interview along with another lad. We were waiting for Swami to call us into the interview room. We stood at the the ladies side end of the mandir where the ladies would usually wait for interviews. A large mirror had been placed at the backside of the Ganesha statue and in it, I could see the reflection of the interview room door. Swami was bustling with activity, going in and out of the interview room. I wondered and said to my partner,
“I just hope that He remembers our interview due!”

Even as I said that, Swami looked straight at me through the mirror. He beckoned to us. I went and as I turned towards the interview room, I saw that a cot had been placed next to the door. Swami was now lying on it and a student was holding Swami’s right elbow with his right hand and his left hand was behind Swami’s back. Swami asked for one more person to support Him similarly on His left. My partner felt overwhelmed with this asking and just sat down in the portico. I went ahead thinking that if Swami wants anything done, He would also give the strength to complete the same. I eagerly told Swami that I would help.

I sat next to Swami and held Him the same way as the other student. Then, we were making Swami do sit-ups! Even as that was on, I had tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. Swami looked at me and asked me the reason for the expression. I said,
“Swami when you did so many miracles, some people believed you while others found faults in the miracles. But now, the whole world saw your burial on national television. And after that, you are sitting here! What greater miracle could one ask for...”
Swami too had a tear in His eye.

The dream ended there.

I know that my Lord has not left me. He is always there. I know that He is working a miracle in manner in which none of us can even imagine, let alone trying to understand. My job is to simply wait - give Him the Shraddha (faith) and Saburi (perseverance) that He asked for in the Shirdi form. Except for me missing the physical form now and then, nothing has changed. He still guides, counsels, jokes and speaks to me in ways that I never thought possible. Just yesterday, something amazing happened.

Something had upset my wife quite badly. Naturally, it affected me too. We decided to offer everything to Him. Thus it was, that we decided to read the Prayer of Surrender. I don’t know the source of this text. But it is so comforting and powerful that I have framed it in my altar and I read it frequently. (click on that term above to see that Prayer of Surrender). Here is what happened. I pulled out this framed ‘prayer of surrender’ from the altar and began to read it out to my wife. At the same time, my father entered the room with silver lamps to be kept in the altar. It was hardly 25-35 seconds when he called out to me. When I turned back to face the altar, there was bright red kumkum (sindhoor actually) in exactly the same spot where the ‘prayer of surrender’ had been plucked out from!

It was only that had faith that could 'see' Christ rise. Those that did not have faith in him, did not see him! Simple as that...
It was only that had faith that could 'see' Christ rise. Those that did not have faith in him, did not see him! Simple as that...

Yes! He is with us always. I was reading the story of Jesus Christ and his resurrection on Easter Sunday. You know something startling?

When Jesus Christ resurrected, not everyone saw him!!! It is only those that had faith who could see him. Those that did not have faith in him, did not see him. So, though Jesus could be seen and approached by everyone during his sojourn on earth, after resurrection, only a few saw him. The others thought that those few people were mad. And a few continue to see him to this day!

This is what I mean by saying that though I know my Lord is very much here, I do not know how He will actually come. The term ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ is taken from a famous Christian prayer. You know what is the next line of the same prayer?

“Thy Will Be Done” !

I shall not try to understand. I shall only strengthen my faith and wait... for eternity if need be. In the meanwhile, I might as well enjoy His divine drama as I wait! :)

One final aspect

After Bhagawan left the physical, there have been several claims from different people that Swami speaks through them, acts through them and even "possesses" them. Such things used to happen even when He was in the physical but, understandably, they are on the rise after the 'Mahasamadhi'. People often wonder about the veracity and authenticity of such claims.

Are these 'blessed' people really in touch with Swami? If 'Swami' communicates to me through them, what should I do? This is such a sensitive matter that I feel it best to simply allow Swami Himself to answer. Below is a clip from a discourse that He delivered in the Poornachandra auditorium, on the 21st of November, 1988. Hear it for yourselves and realize how important it is for each one to develop a direct, heart-to-heart connection with Him and not via any medium!

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© 2012 Aravind Balasubramanya


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 23 months ago

      Sairam Arvind! It is as though a decade has elapsed since Swami left His beautiful physical form. Today I read your hub again. Swami is quite unique to each devotee. No two experiences really coincide. As we mature and become ripe, our understanding of Swami too changes for good. Either way, i too felt that it is immaterial whether Swami is in physical form or cosmic form. Our Faith in Him remains intact. Thank you for your frank hub!

    • profile image

      manisha 2 years ago

      I m overwhelmed n what to say have no such experiences.But still awe n love ❤ from the every corner of my heart.After reading all these post I really want to share a secret that our Swami has given me a shawl when once I visited prashanti niliyam on occasion. Of some program.i was not a participant but a lady suddenly took me on the stage who belonged to our group.i was so much surprised to see Swami in such a proximity that I just looked at Him as statue standing before him .But this was my wonderful experience which is memorable to me.n I m blessed.n I m sure from my heart .He will come back.

    • profile image

      ggry 3 years ago

      Baba is God, I agree. There is divinity in each and everyone of us too!

      We can still worship him in the formless form just like Buddha, Mohammed or Jesus.

      But the sad truth is he wont be walking the skies, lifting mountains or coming back in his physical form, period.

      The world is full of ignorant beings.

    • profile image

      p c nayak 3 years ago

      our dear swami shall come back to make the world peaceful.

    • profile image

      anonymous 3 years ago

      Every word uttered by Me, 

      Has a very deep significance to it.

      For you to understand it,

      One reading is not enough.

      Hear My words, with concentration,

      Submerge your heart in Me.

      With constant reading and My grace,

      I will bless you to understand Me, a little bit more,

      With every effort put by you. - saibaba

    • profile image

      SaiLove 3 years ago

      LovingSaidevotee - If He comes in the physical again how will we ever find Him in the non-physical? Where He is available 24/7. That was the crux of his teaching. That He is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. Have you tried to reach out to Him to realize Him as your own very breath and help in every need? He taught us that why would he come in the physical to then disprove His own teachings?? Pray to Him. He is here. Now.

    • profile image

      LovingSaidevotee 4 years ago

      Please come Sai.I desperately need you.

    • profile image

      Irina 4 years ago

      Sai Ram Aravind,

      After reading your article, I googled "Sai Baba coming back soon"....

      Just look at what found!!!!!!

      This is such a gift from Swami to all of us!!!!!

      I have no doubt He is coming back.

      Sai Ram

    • aravindb1982 profile image

      Aravind Balasubramanya 4 years ago from Puttaparthi, India

      @AKA- Nice to hear about your dreams. As I said, I have come across many with such dreams. . . And my thoughts remain the same as echoed in this article... :)

      @Aannth - Happy to hear... Will be glad is your intuitive feeling comes true ASAP. :)

      @Irina - Thank you. I am grateful for this opportunity to share...

    • profile image

      Irina 4 years ago

      Sai Ram , Aravind.

      You've given an answer yourself about the blank word in your dream.

      You said: "My job is to simply wait - give Him the Shraddha (faith) and Saburi (perseverance) that He asked for in the Shirdi form."

      Thank you kindly for sharing your most sacred dreams and experiences.

      Your tireless seva uplifts, helps and heals so many people.

    • profile image

      Lakshminarayanan K N 4 years ago

      Bhagavan's prescence is felt in our locality in the form Vibhuthi ;Kumkum and also many other Miracles.


    • profile image

      Aannth 4 years ago

      Not sure when this blog was posted Aravind. Yesterday night I could not sleep - at around 2 pm I felt someone talking to me - telling me "Sai Baba is coming back". I wondered as I always address my beloved Sai as Swami. This was so emphatic that I could not ignore this voice. Today morning "Oct 18th morning" as I woke up and was meditating - once again "Sai Baba is coming back". The day Swami decided to get hospitalised - I had the same voice telling me "Today something so bad is going to happen to humanity, that it should never happen".

      True, Faith and patience will reveal His Divine sweet prank He is playing with us. Let us joyfully accept with deep sense of loving gratitude and thankfulness to Him. Sai Ram !

    • profile image

      AKA 4 years ago

      Sairam, a few days ago I dreamt that Swami was smiling and was speaking in a language that I could not understand ... I told him that I did not understand the language and he started to speak hindi ... I said .."Swami i only understand Engilish" ... then Swami said somethings in english which I can't recall... as I got up I received a strong message...which is .."I will come back soon"...then I recalled two Hindi words in the dream which are ..phir and ayenge...i researched these words and found its meaning to be back...and will come....

      what do u think .....?.

    • aravindb1982 profile image

      Aravind Balasubramanya 4 years ago from Puttaparthi, India

      @ Mr. Happy - One of the statements Swami always makes is this -

      "Pashyannapi Na Pashyati, Mudho, Mudho, Mudho" which means - "You see and yet do not see you fool, fool, fool."

      Apparently, seeing is constituted by more than just being visible to the eye. For instance, there have been many that have physically seen Swami, scoffed at Him and even criticized Him with unimaginable venom. At the same time, there is a person like you who has not seen Him physically and yet you have 'seen' Him! You get me? That is what I mean by "Not all will be able to 'see' Him."


      Your frank thoughts are always wonderful..

      Thank you and sorry for this delayed response...

    • profile image

      bal 4 years ago

      It is amazing how in the last few months I have come to realize that we can never fully understand anything that Swami said and that only time will reveal all his messages according to His Will.

    • profile image

      Archna 4 years ago

      Sairam aravind, this article of yours resonates my feelings truly...just few days back was thinking if the issue is worth pondering over 'Will Swami return...if yes then how'...and felt the futility of the question immediately then for it disturbed the dialogue that one has with Swami...the mind gets stuck in futile issues and one loses on the moments that one could have spent with him...for he hasn't gone anywhere.....HE IS WITH US AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE WITH US......

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      "I know that He is working a miracle in manner in which none of us can even imagine, let alone trying to understand. My job is to simply wait" - Well, I cannot tell You anything about the Man in Orange, in regard to the Future. That I do not know. What I do know though, is that "It is coming".

      Whatever is coming Mr. Aravind, is significant - that "It". I was "told" this a few years back and reminded again just recently. It is closer and It is coming.

      Nothing else to do except wait. Prepare and wait.

      All the best!

      P.S. "When Jesus Christ resurrected, not everyone saw him!!! It is only those that had faith who could see him. Those that did not have faith in him, did not see him." - I find this counter-productive LOL

    • profile image

      abhiishek sharma kangra (H.P) 4 years ago

      Dream of Swami has always thrilled me , given me love and joy , when everit is received , the meanings of many dreams are unknown , as they r directly from divine Master, thanks for sharing such beautiful experinces of yours , need more and more of them to feed thyself sairam , and yes dreams of Sai r always real , this is not just a phase we have to agree but it is world of Sai from were Sai communicate when He is not giving interviews at interview room sairam

    • profile image

      funnychap 4 years ago

      how can we even talk of his return, when his departure itself is not sorted out? he mentioned his departure to be at 92/94/96 years, but departed much before (85) so how can we even think of his return? don't you understand? God can never be wrong! Pls think over it.

    • profile image

      saisarannaga 5 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Sairam, it is all a question of identity. We miserably identify ourselves with this ephemeral body and hence we grieve the absence of Swami in a physical form. We have to evolve a lot to experience that Swami fills the Universe and Cosmos. I remember here the answer Swami gave to John Hislop when he was questioning Swami about the gap between Saibaba's Mahasamadhi and Swami's subsequent birth after eight long years. Swami told him that He filled the Universe in His cosmic form!

    • profile image

      Sainath 5 years ago

      You are right brother , in fact even in the book my baba and I Swami had inidcated in 1978 that Prema Sai will be there in another 40 years and his plans are already done and we just come to know now that's all

    • profile image

      Kamalnath 5 years ago

      Bro I was praying for a solution today and got confused thinking about it. In the form of your article through you Swami has sent The "Paryer of Surrender" to me. Now Im totally free from worries and very happy.

      Thanks Bro

    • aravindb1982 profile image

      Aravind Balasubramanya 5 years ago from Puttaparthi, India

      @ Eradi sir

      Thank you for sharing those beautiful insights which Swami blessed you with through the dream. I totally agree with you (and Swami) that being selfless and sharing selfless love is the way to experience the Divine; Swami.

    • profile image

      V.Sai Saraswuthi 5 years ago

      Iam overwhelmed and yet humbled. I keep asking myself ...have I lived as per his expectations? and the answer comes roaring "NO".Then I need to first make many changes in my attitudes, lifestyle,Life's perspective,especially the Heart. Am I loving the very next person I see other than me wholeheartedly.How will I face swamy so shamelessly? I should be 'Ready' with huge transformation in a very subtle level.Make myself Worthy to have HIS darshan. His Love speaks volumes .It should do the MAGIC in me. Let Thy Will be Done.

    • profile image

      Eradi brothers 5 years ago

      Sai Ram Aravind. After reading all mails I think there is no use of brooding ourselves whether SWAMY will come back or how he will come back etc.etc. For your kind information, our loving SWAMY had given us chance to sing Bhajan at Parthy or whitefield from 1967 to 2011 (still continues) and had the golden chances to get THY guidance, instructions directly from SWAMY from time to time in my spiritual and meterial life. I became like a mad person when he left his phisical form. I was crying, scolding, cursing myself with SWAMY in the pooja room for hours together. Recently I had a dream that as usual we are sitting in varanda for waiting SWAMY to come from HIS room. He came , called some devotees for interview. You know,as usual after SWAMY gone inside along with the devotees people will go from their seat. After the interview SWAMY came out from the interview room. Fortunately we were there along with another 10 or 15 people. SWAMY asked what about others who were sitting in varanda. In brief I will tell. Devotees are thinking that they are doing lot of service. But as per SWAMY we are all doing selfish service. SWAMY told two points!! One is service and another is surrender. SWAMY told that only SWAMY is doing selfless service. He talked a lot the difference between the selfish service and the selfless service. Finally SWAMY was sadly expressing that nobody understood SWAMY's mission.Finally

      swamy told that whatever SWAMY asked us to do in our life do it as expected by SWAMY.Then I will be always with you and you feel my immediate presence". So it was very clear for me that if we are doing selfless service as expected by SWAMY and total surerender to the loving God there is no necessity to brood unnecessarly. Let us all pray from the heart that SWAMY should guide us instruct us from time to time to do the selfless service with sefless motive so that HE can be with us always and we will get Ananda at all time.

      Krishnadas Eradi

    • profile image

      smita 5 years ago

      Dear brother your all articles are very inspiring and helped all in realizing the omnipresence of our dear Lord. Swami is very much amongst us and talking to all through your articles. You are really blessed indeed. Keep forwarding the message of Swami . Do not stop!

    • profile image

      Mark Aspa 5 years ago

      Another theory i would like to share regarding the return of Swami and the '96 year' debate:

      Swami will indeed be in the same body for 96 years. He is 'in the Sathya Sai body' now.

      ie that is how we pray to Him, remember Him and worship Him.

      And that is how He graciously appears to us in dreams and visions.

      In other words that is the Body He will be using until 96 years have elapsed from His Advent ie for another 10 years to come.

      In ten years Swami will be 'discovered' in His beautiful Prema Sai Form.

      He will then be a resplendent Holy Child and we will then move away from seeing Him as the Sathya Sai Form to see Him in a new Form as Prema Sai...

      I have not heard that theory anywhere else - only He knows!

    • profile image

      Madhavi Alapty 5 years ago

      I believe 100% what you were saying. I have this experience so many times when SWAMI involved in my dreams. Some came true and I am waiting to understand some of the dreams I have where divinity is involved. Recently I have a dream where I was listening to SWAMI discourse but did not see him as I was outside of the discourse hall but listening to SWAMI’s voice. I turned around and saw a flower with big petals beside me (I have never seen this kind of flower before) and in that I saw steps going up and a downward stream of water. I was wondering what this means and then I heard SWAMI voice again where He was saying that those steps lead to KAILASH where Lord Shiva resides. I was overwhelmed to listen to SWAMI’s voice in my dream and at the same time asking myself ‘are those words for me’ I was naturally wondering the next day about this dream and what SWAMI meant to tell me..i also believe that my faith increased more but once in a while I see the vacuum inside of me where I feel that my SWAMI is not in a physical form and how am I going to survive in this world..immediately I hear an inner voice saying ‘ I here .. in your house in my room’..and I see HIM smiling at me Thank you for letting me share my experience.

    • profile image

      Poon.Ratnam 5 years ago

      Sairam Aravind,

      I was really in a very sad mood. After I read your article and the prayer of surrender feels peace in me. I thank Swami to give such a wonderful student using as an instruments for his devotees. Live long my sai brother.

    • aravindb1982 profile image

      Aravind Balasubramanya 5 years ago from Puttaparthi, India

      @ Sridevi - :) I didn't because I felt it would be a slight distraction to the theme here! :)

      @ Archana - I do agree with you completely...

      @ Milijana - Very right. Every act of our Swami is an opportunity which we should utilize. This is definitely the time for us to introspect and find Him within. I also agree that discussions and debates about the 'future' are distractions from living in the present.

    • poornimasrinath profile image

      poornimasrinath 5 years ago from Midrand, Johannesburg, RSA

      Swami gives us only some work to our curious mind. By the time you finish the guessing game He would altogether come with a different theory.

      But you students are doubly blessed as He even today keeps you so close and even shows His emotions!

      From October 2010 I had been urging my mom(she had not seen swami till then) to visit parthi as I had this strong intution that something was not going to be right. Because of my constant pressure she was there in Feb and had a good darshan of Swami. After Swami's admission to hospital I understood that the impulse was from the source Himself!

    • profile image

      Debarshi 5 years ago

      Sairam Arvind..the post is beautiful and I write this with moist eyes, trying hard to control my emotions as I am in my office, my colleagues all around me.

      How right you are brother when you say Swami is here with us..and in so many myriad ways He is constantly reassuring us of His presence. Personally I am going through perhaps the biggest crisis of my life for the last few weeks, and how can I feel His invisible Divine hands guiding me, guarding me and most importantly goading me in the Godward path from within.

      How badly I was missing His form a few days ago, and thinking to myself, if only I could lay my eyes on Him once, or hold His hands, how I would have been able to face all these almost insurmountable problems facing me!

      Soon enough Swami responded from within.

      Son, I am cleansing you.

      Swami when will you come back? I pleaded. Didn’t you promise to come back soon as Prema Sai?

      Swami replied, it depends on you all, on my devotees.

      I did not understand.

      Next morning as soon as I woke up, I had a strong inner prompting from within to read the very last chapter of Prema Vahini, perhaps the very first Vahini authored by Swami Himself. I have never read that chapter before, and neither was I thinking of that particular book in that last few months. But sure enough I took out the Prema Vahini and flipped to the last chapter. And then when I finished reading the last line of that last chapter, tears rolled down my cheeks. And I knew what Swami had meant the day before.

      I am quoting a couple of lines from the chapter, but please read it fully.

      "...So also, in the internal State, when there is no possibility of achieving and acquiring Bhakthi, charity, peace and truth, the great and good men, who desire to achieve them pray to the Lord within themselves.

      Then, listening to their prayers, He himself comes into the world and showers His grace on them. This fact is well known to all.

      Did not Rama and Krishna incarnate because the Lord heeded the prayers of the sages? Many have read this in the Ramayana and the Bhagavatha.

      Why, even Ramakrishna, though he was Divinely-born, prayed to Kali (for he could not bring it about) to send someone who could preach to the whole world the Dharma that will uproot injustice and selfishness.

      This is known to all who have read his life history.

      Thus, prayers should be offered again and again for the realisation of the task. No one should become desperate and give up prayers if they do not result in the advent of the Lord."

      Deep in my heart, I feel Swami wants us to unite in our most intense prayer and yearning for Him to take up a physical form once again. The Prema Sai advent has been promised by He Himself. But God makes only half the circle (Narayana). Isn’t it the devotees(Nara) who completes the other half?

    • profile image

      An Impressed Reader 5 years ago

      Wonderful post brother ..

      Whenever people speak about Swami's coming back, only one thing used to stike me .. Have we first of all proven worthy of the years that he lived with us? Have we given him the kind of faith that he expects of us? Have we transformed ourselves the way he wants us to? Are we living our lives in line with his guidance?

      Yes we sure are working at it .. But are we really giving it our best shot ?

      So before I expect him to come back in the physical frame and give me the bliss that he has showered for so long, do I even have the right to hope for it? If he were to ask me, 'Have you proven worthy and made use of all that I taught you and gave you while I walked on earth?' .. Do I have a justifiable answer?

      We all view Swami's coming back ony from the angle of getting the bliss of dharshan, sparshan, sambashan and the comfort of having him physically present amongst us .. But every day that he spends on earth and every word and action of his convey so much that has to be observed, understood and followed .. Have we done all of that for the 85 years that he lived that we hope for more?

      All this apart, I shall still be the extremely happy and grateful, were he to choose to give us that priceless gift of his physical precense once again .. Like all that he has given us, this would leave us speechless and overwhelmed .. And leave us wondering what we have done to deserve it ..

      But I somehow don't have the guts to ask that boon of him by hoping for it .. Were he to confer it, I can only react with mute tears of gratitude ..

    • profile image

      Kavita 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing!

    • profile image

      Maria 5 years ago

      might the blank word in your dream have been energy- this is very special text for me. Thank you so much!

    • profile image

      Rajesh 5 years ago

      Lord, Thy will be done

    • profile image

      Pravinaa 5 years ago

      Sai Ram Bhaiya, the minute i saw this post i rushed straight into my office sat down and opened the hub-pages to read your write up's. Ive got no words to explain how i feel every-time i finish reading your hub-page write up. Whenever i miss my Swami, ill open your hub-page and feel good again. Thank you Bhaiya.

      Sai Ram.

    • profile image

      milijana 5 years ago

      Sai Ram, Arvind, Thank you so much for this perspective it speaks volumes. It has been my experience that any time I thought I knew what Swami was going to do He did something different even after showing me numerous signs and indications including miracles. Just to show that the mind will always need to have it's certainties and projections into future. It's all the mind. And what He was here to destroy. “When you cannot understand my silence, how will you understand my words?” I love this quote. My feeling is shouldn't we talk about Swami's "return" when and if He "returns"? That would answer the question wouldn't it? Do we really think it's possible to figure out what will happen next or to understand what seeds He's planted that will blossom in the times to come? For me I feel it's all a distraction from the true meaning of His leaving the form. His form was the entry point to the Divine. It provided a portal for us to see and access that which is our true reality as well. Same as did Jesus. His resurrection is celebrated as proof that there is everlasting life. Since Swami opened that portal for us shouldn't we think about accessing it rather than waiting for it to again be shown to us? Jesus was on Earth for 33 years and only preached for a few short years. Imagine. Swami was for 85 yrs. Thank you again. With humility and respect....Sai Ram.

    • profile image

      Archana 5 years ago

      Sairam Aravind...The Prayer of Surrender is Swami's most comforting assurance of HIS grace. I got it when it was distributed during Parvati Kalyaan Utsav in 2010 in Prashanthi. Since then I know our Lord is always with all those who Love HIM. HE has not gone anywhere and that Faith that He has instilled in us is also a miracle..!! Jai Sai Ram

    • profile image

      Sridevi 5 years ago

      Thank you for the wonderful post Brother. Will you be posting the picture of the kumkum as well? :)