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Sai service activities in rural villages!

Updated on January 8, 2012

service activities by students and volunteers of Saibaba in villages!

How service activities are done in villages?

Everyone wants them to be recognized by others. No doubt, every single individual possess some sort of talent in some field. Even if he is an illiterate, yet he may possess expertise in farming or other vocations or in village industries. Hence we can't decry somebody outright on the pretext he is a rustic or uncultured. It is only in the villages or rural background, the cultures of a country is practiced and preserved. If an individual goes to a rural village, he will find that the people living there are considerate and co-operative. It is only Politics which has spoiled the mind of youngsters in the villages. Though the villages need reform in hygiene and health, in economy and other spheres, by and large the villagers are mostly god fearing and preserve certain basic human values.

With the above background in view, Sathya Sai Samithis in India has started taking care of some selected villages in each region which is most backward in terms of economy,livelihood, hygiene and health. Such villages are selected after preliminary surveys and statistics supplied by the local administrative authorities. Volunteers go to individual houses and collect their basic requirements and needs. They pool up resources in the form of rice, grains and other essential food items and supply them free to the most disadvantaged among the villagers. If there is a paucity of potable drinking water, arrangements to dig a bore well and supply the need of the few houses in the villages. Toilets are one important facility which is lacking in the villages. Especially, the woman suffers much due to this problem. Hence toilets are constructed using some latest cost effective techniques. Drainages are cut along the streets paved with stones. The women in the villages are taught simple hygiene to protect the family and children. They are supplied with nutritious powders which when mixed with water and boiled will be a healthy drink. Livestock are taken care by conducting veterinary camps with Doctors brought from the cities that treat the animals, prescribe medicines, inject them against diseases etc. Likewise weekly medical camps for the residents of the villages are conducted by visiting Doctors who give free medicines and injections wherever necessary. Eye Doctors are brought and eye camps are conducted to detect defects in eyes and treat cataract or other disorders. All the expenses are shared by the members of Sai Organization, the Doctors and paramedics.

Since volunteers visit every week along with Doctors are paramedics, more and more service activities are undertaken based on the needs. Trained teachers visit the villages to guide the students in their subjects. Students are trained to rely on their own in respect of village upliftment programs. Cleaning of roads, drains etc. are undertaken based on the needs. Those who need medical attention are taken to the cities and they are admitted to big hospitals. The members themselves take care of the patient till he is discharged. Meals prepared in common kitchens are packed and supplied once a while to the patients who attend medical camps from distant places. Children are assembled in some school premises or temple verandahs and they are taught about the great heritage of the land, and stories about the saints and sages are narrated. They are taught songs on God’s forms. They are taught to revere their parents and teachers and help one another in the family as well as outside. Character building is given more important place among the children. These are some of the ways Sai Samithis do silent service in many number of villages in India and abroad!


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    • raakachi profile image

      raakachi 6 years ago from Madurai / Tamilnadu / India

      It's very happy to hear the services rendered to the downtrodden people of the society by the Sai Samithis. Thanks for the sharing!