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Saibaba inaugurates His MIssion from Prasanthi Nilayam.

Updated on September 16, 2011

Saibaba's Prasanthi Nilayam.

It is an interesting point to note that Saibaba named the new temple complex as "Prasanthi Nilayam". The meaning is much profound. Santhi is a sanskrit term which means Peace. Prasanthi means "ever expanding peace". Nilayam means the place. Hence Prasanthi Nilayam means the place where you can gather everlasting, ever expanding peace. In the initial stages, Baba used to travel to nearby cities and towns such as Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. There he will stay in some devotees residence but his entire time will be spent in disseminating the teachings of ancient scriptures which has been forgotten in the modern era. Saibaba used to say that the Royal road to God is abandoned and it is covered with bushes and none knew that a road existed in the place. He says, that I have come to specifically reveal the grand road to all spiritual aspirants. He extol the Bagawat Gita sang by Sri Krishna in the battle field to educate Arjuna on the nuances of spiritual wisdom. The Gita contains more than 700 stanzas. One need not master all the stanzas. It is enough if you follow sincerely one stanza. In a match box, there may be 50 match stick. To start a fire, one stick is enough. Though Saibaba possessed all powers, yet he has chosen human approach to all the problems that assail humanity.

His general routine while staying in Prasanthi Nilayam is as follows. Devotees coming to Prasanthi Nilayam do so to have the Dharsan (view of the physical form of Divine), to listen to his advice and to get solace from him for the problems that pester them. Both in the morning and evening, Saibaba would select many both gents and ladies for an audience. During such grand opportunity, devotees will prostrate to his feet and get his divine blessings. He will talk about their personal family life, the problems they face and some solutions too. It is a wonder Baba knows the innermost thoughts of the devotees who come there with their load of problems. Inside the interview room, Baba sometimes would create a talisman or a ring containing the image of god, or the holy cross for Christians or some inscriptions in Arabic for devout Muslims. We can not say what Baba will give to some of them. To a couple, he created the wedding rings since that was the exact day of wedding anniversary to be worn by both the husband and wife. To devout hindus, he will create medallion containing the forms of god, they adore. To some children, he will create ear rings. He will himself put them on the ears of children. His creations are endless and one wonderful thing is that the talisman never vanish. They remain with the devotee. To some he created the visiting card containing his photo, address etc and Baba himself will put them in the valet. In fact, these talisman has shielded the people when they face some troubles or accidents. Many Saibaba devotees met with grave accidents but the ring or medallion would have broken indicating that the impact has been absorbed by the ring or medallion whereas the person is safe. During festival occasions, Baba would manifest rare sweets for distribution among the devotees and Baba would say that they are fresh from Dwaraka(connected to Sri Krishna, a full incarnation who sang the Gita). The sweets will be warm and fresh as though they have been removed from oven. At times, he would create a bowl full of nectar and a spoon to distribute it. The devotees will be sitting in long lines and Baba would pour a drop or two on the tongue of the devotee. They tasted the ambrosia. Baba would tell that those devotees are very lucky. Rest in next hub.


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