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Saibaba saves Kuppam Radhakrishna

Updated on October 4, 2011

Death is defied!

Kuppam Radhakrishna is a prominent devotee of Saibaba. The family of Radhakrishna visits often Puttaparthi,stays there for few days, follow the routine there and they depart to Kuppam when Baba told them to go. They were very devout, full of faith in the slender young Baba. Baba used to remark, "unless I call, none can reach Puttaparthi on their own volition". This is true from the 1940s to the present day! Several times, many people may plan a trip to Puttaparthi, but many obstructions used to crop up in the middle, forcing them to cancel their trip. Some people without any plan, go there as if some mysterious hands guide them or beacon them there. My first trip to Puttaparthi(7 January 1965) too happened in this fashion only. Reverting to Mr. Radhakrishnan's story, he was ill with many ailments and his daughter and son in law took him in their car to Puttaparthi. On the way, it was found that Sri Radhakrishna has collapsed en route. His son-in-law being a Doctor himself could guess that he has passed away. However his daughter persisted and they reached Puttaparthi with the body. They were given a room there and laying the body there, they went to meet Baba. Unfortunately Baba won't respond to their tearful prayers. Once or twice he looked at them but said nothing. Likewise one day passed. The occupants of the houses in the adjoining houses found that some thing was amiss and after inquiry that they found that one elder man died and his body is kept in the room. Being a pilgrim center, there were strict laws and every body wanted the body removed and sent for disposal. But his daughter persisted that unless Baba tells them to do so, they won't remove the body. Now it was the second day. Saibaba seems not bothered about their presence even. The body became black in color and smell started emanating and the people around were pressurizing the devotees to get it removed at once. At last in the evening, Saibaba seems to melt a little at their plight and he suddenly made a way to the room, where the dead body is kept. Saibaba went inside and bolted the door from inside and asked every body to clear from the room. Within five minutes, Baba told his daughter and her mother who also came with them to feed the old man with some hot drink. When they went inside, to their utter astonishment, Radhakrishna was sitting on the cot, and asking every body, "What was the commotion about"? This event has been recorded in many books of Saibaba. The devotees consider that Saibaba revived Radhakrishna just like Jesus revived Lazarus! Rest in next hub.

The Divine smile!


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