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Saibaba's school days.

Updated on October 18, 2011

The boy Saibaba!

Many will be astonished to note that Saibaba as a young boy had only one set of dress while going to school. Whenever the dress is torn, he will use long thorns from shrubs to connect the torn portion. He took only Ragi gruel for his lunch. Rice was a luxury. He will eat Ragi gruel with hot chilli chutni.(a pounded capsicum(small) with salt). He will go by foot and tread several miles to attend the school. Hence he will depart early morning drinking some gruel and proceed to the school along with his friends. Those who are jealous of his pure nature will plunge him in the river and soil his cloths to their heart's content. Saibaba never retaliated such behavior from his friends. They were happy when his dress is soiled but his Heart Is Purity. Once his friends caught some frogs in a basket and closed the list. They were crying loudly. Saibaba asked them to release those poor creatures. They won't listen. Saibaba has said, "See inside, the frogs have gone". When they opened the basket, they found several birds flying away from the basket with no trace of frogs! By his mere will, Saibaba has converted them into birds! These incidents proved that he is beyond human! Hence his friends started addressing him as "Little Master" or Guru. When in the adjoining villages cholera or other diseases broke out, Puttaparthi was safe. Long before Saibaba organized a group of singers and taught them songs on God's form and His qualities. They will keep a earthern light lit on the top of a pedestal and they will go round singing those songs. The elders in the village believed that these singing prevented the diseases from haunting the village. Thus Saibaba has become a guardian angel of the village. Knowing about these, villagers from adjoining villages pleaded with Saibaba to organize singing in their villages also. He had no rest even when he was a boy. We have read in some previous hub, that Saibaba discontinued in school education abruptly to serve the people around.

Once, the scout master of the school organized a service project during the festival at a place called "Pushpagiri". Saibaba was enrolled for the service project. But Saibaba had no money with him to stitch the uniform for the camp. His friends thrust on his desk, a new set of scout uniform but he refused flatly stating that he would accept nothing in gratis. The day of the camp was getting near. He had no money to pay the bus fare. Hence he thought of walking the entire distance of 14 miles and started in the previous night. On reaching the place, he was tired and slept. He found some coins over a stone. With few coins he purchased eatables and quenched his hunger. The remaining coin, he left it in the same place. His needs were little. But the scout master gave him full tight work in the camp to find out missing children in the crowd and hand it them over to the parents. He performed the allotted duties perfectly and the scout party earned a very good name among the public. Saibaba was capable of knowing many things. When the head master lost a costly parker pen, he was summoned to his presence and the HM asked him the name of the thief. When Saibaba indicated a name of a sincere peon, none believed. But Baba told them to write a letter to the son's address to keep the pen safely since it is a costly one. Within few days reply came from the son of the peon stating that the costly pen is writing nicely and he is taking care! From his boyhood, he was all knowing. Rest in next hub!

Baba as a boy!


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