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Saint Adrian of Nicodemia

Updated on July 16, 2009

About Saint Adrian of Nicodemia

Did you know that Saint Adrian of Nicodemia was also known as Saint Hadrian? Seems kind of weird, huh? Well that was a common name back in his times. Adrian lived during the time of the Roman Empire. He worked as a guard at one of the courts where they held hostages in Nicodemia.

Many people in these times were pagans, who believe in many gods instead of just one God. Adrian was one of these beliefs. Christians were usually ridiculed and sometimes murdered for their beliefs during the reign of the Roman Empire. So one day a group of Christians were brought to Nicodemia to be watched over before their execution. Adrian was left in charge of them for the remaining hours they had left.

Adrian was not religious at all, and felt that these men and women who were giving their lives for their Christian beliefs were being stupid. He thought that they stood to gain nothing by giving their lives for Christianity and their beliefs. He asked them why they were so ready to give up their lives. And their response was, “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him” (1 Corinthians 2:9).

At that moment, Adrian realized what being religious was all about and decided that he was too a Christian along with these men and women. He publicly declared his faith in Christ, before even being Baptized or attending a single Mass.

While Adrian's decision was valiant, it led to his prompt beating and imprisonment with the rest of the Christians.

At dawn the next morning, Adrian was awoken by a guard and led to the execution grounds with his fellow Christians. Adrian was brutally tortured, his limbs were cut off one by one, before his inevitable beheading.

Right after all the Roman soldiers had finished murdered and torturing St. Adrian and the other Christians, they were supposed to burn the remains. When they proceeded to do so, however, a huge bolt of lightning came and struck several of the soldiers. The rest ran away in fear of losing their lives as well.

The local Christian groups got word of this event and hurried to the spot where Adrian and the other Christians' remains laid. They gave them a proper cremation with Christian rites beforehand.

Do you know what it means when a saint is canonized pre-congregation? Well, it means that he was chosen by the masses as a saint before the modern day system of choosing saints was set up. This is how Saint Adrian of Nicodemia became a saint.

Saint Adrian is the patron saint of prison guards and soldiers and his feast day is celebrated on September 8th.


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      8 years ago

      tell me where in the bible you become a saint


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