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Saint Alexander Sauli

Updated on June 28, 2010

Do you know which saint is known as the "Apostle of Corsica"? If you guessed Saint Alexander Sauli than you're absolutely correct. Saint Alexander was born in Milan, to a decently prosperous family on February 15, 1535.

Alexander's parents always made sure he had a great education, even at a very young age he was mentored by some of the smartest minds of the day. Due to his great education, Alexander would be accepted into the Congregation of the Barnabites, and would do so as just a teenager. After this Alexander's next achievement would be becoming a professor at the University of Pavia. He taught several subjects to his pupils there such as philosophy.

Since Alexander was elected into the Congregation of the Barnabites so young, by the year 1565 he had been in the organization for longer than anybody else in it. This led to the other members choosing Alexander to be "superior-general" of the Congregation.

Around this same time, the area surrounding Corsica was becoming noticeably less and less Christian and were falling into paganism. Pope Pius V was distraught about what he should do to try and regain their faith. He decided to send Alexander to them in 1571 so try and change their minds. St. Alexander Sauli took a few helpers with him to Corsica and tried his best to talk to the inhabitants. In just a few months time Alexander had made the people of Corsica reconsider their previous decision, and started to reconstruct the old churches in the area.

This was not the end of Alexander's work though, he felt that the area needed more than just reconstructed churches. So he began a handful of seminaries and several colleges as well.

This great effort that Alexander made gained him world wide recognition. This recognition may have helped his chances of becoming Bishop of Pavia, a position to which he was appointed in 1591. Sadly, just a year later Alexander would pass away on October 11, 1592.

Saint Alexander is known to have performed numerous miracles in his life time. He was also one of the best minds of his time, and his advice was relied on by important figures, such as Pope Gregory XIV.

Alexander became a saint on December 11, 1904 when Pope Pius X canonized him. Anybody who deeply believes in the Catholic faith, and strives to teach others and learn from them as well should pray to Saint Alexander because he is their patron saint.


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      Borris' mentor 

      8 years ago

      Borris, We need to discuss your comments on this page. I feel 3,000 pushups evry day until I come to visit you will enlighten you of your follies. I will know if you fail to perform your 3,000 daily pushups, so please trust my advice and be prepared for my arrival. God Bless.

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      wats up peaple i am so coool my name is borris and i will round house your butt if u call me names

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      your not relly helping sorru

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      omg! im trying to write a st. report for school and this is sooooo not helpingg! but thanksss anywayss!!!!!!!!



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