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Saint Alphonsus

Updated on July 22, 2009

About Saint Alphonsus

On September 27,1969 Saint Alphonsus was born. He was born in a tiny town called Marianella, which is located in Italy near Naples. His parents had him baptized and were practicing Christians, but never knew that their son would lead a life so dedicated to God and the Church.

Alphonsus never really considered living his life for God, early on he had aspirations to become a lawyer. His parents sent him to a presitigious law school when he was of age. After a couple of years of being a lawyer though, Alphonsus realized that he did not like what he was doing. After losing a case one day, Alphonsus had had enough and decided that he was going to leave the profession.

St. Alphonsus' family was truly upset at his decision to stop being a lawyer. They had sent him through all his schooling and helped him along the way to what he thought was his dream. Alphonsus' father was more angry than the rest of the family as well because he was their only son, and Alphonsus decided that becoming a priest was the right calling for him. This meant Alphonsus would never bear a child. His father attempted numerous times to change his mind, but could not get anywhere and finally gave up. Alphonsus was fixed on becoming a priest.

Alphonsus did become a priest officially on December 21, 1726, and determined that spending his first few years of being a priest living with the poor in the streets would give him a good outlook on how he could live a better life. Alphonsus started giving "Evening Chapels" which were prayer services run by Alphonsus and many other people who were living in the streets of Naples.

Alphonsus was an inspiring man and had a way with words. He was exceptionally talented at helping those who had lost the ways of the Christian faith to return to it and be faithful once again. He began teaching at the Chinese College in Naples and realized that he was good at helping others with their problems. After doing this for a while Alphonsus discovered that he should spread around his love for helping people to more than just his school. He began the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, which was started to help many of the poor areas surrounding Naples. The Congregation gave Alphonsus a reason to live and truly inspired him to take his goal of helping others to the next level. Alphonsus' works led him to be named Bishop of Sant'Agagt dei Goti. Alphonsus attempted to decline the position because of his health issues, but was talked into trying it anyway by friends.

Alphonsus would serve as Bishop for a few years before retiring in 1775 and heading to live in Pagani, as opposed to Naples. Shortly after his retirement he would pass away. Pope Gregory XVI canonized Alphonsus on May 26, 1839 making him asaint. Alphonsus is the patron saint of moralists and people who are looking to confess something. So if you or anybody you know needs help telling the truth, say a pray to Saint Alphonsus and he will surely give you the guidance you seek.


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