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Saint Ambrose

Updated on July 25, 2009

About Saint Ambrose

In the year 337 in Trier, Germany, Saint Ambrose was born to a Roman family of devout Christians. He was the oldest child of the family and had two other siblings named Marcellina and Satyrus. Both of whom are also saints.

Story has it that as an infant, thousands of bees swarmed in St. Ambrose's room and all landed on his face and neck. The bees remained there for an hour or so, but did not harm to Ambrose. When they departed all that resided on his face was a few drops of honey, which was taken as a sign by his family that he would have a "sweet tongue". This meant he would be a great orator.

Tragically during his childhood, Ambrose's father would pass away unexpectedly. His father's death left him with feelings that he should take up his father's line of work, and Ambrose would do just that. Ambrose went to school and got a first class education in Rome, then shortly after graduating was named governor of a section of the city. Despite his young age, Ambrose was doing quite well for himself.

A few years into his term as the governor, a riot broke out in Ambrose's part of Rome. He had to take control and find out what the problem was so he went down to investigate. He found out that a local bishop had died and the Aryans and Christians were arguing over whose representative would take over as reigning bishop.

Ambrose wanted to calm the crowds and began speaking to them and asking for their assistance. Instead of listening to Ambrose the two groups did more than what he asked, they stopped rioting and decided that they wanted him to become the new bishop. Ambrose was unsure of this because going from a governor to a bishop wasn't exactly a smooth transition. He did not know if he wanted to make all the sacrifices that went along with being bishop.

However, he made up his mind and chose to go with the people's decision and was ordained in 374.Ambrose was right when he thought that his life would be changing a lot, he had to renounce all his possessions, including money and land. He was okay with this though, and took up his main action of when he was in office, which was ousting Aryans and their terrible ways. During his years as bishop, Arianism was reduced to a bare minimum and Rome was a better place due to it. His way with words was enough to calm the Aryans and get them to live in harmony with the Christians for a while.

Saint Ambrose was canonized a saint pre-congregation and is the patron saint of anybody who wants to learn, as well as bee keepers and bees. His date of death is April 4, 397 and he passed away in his hometown of Milan.

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