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Saint Andrew the Apostle

Updated on June 8, 2009

About Saint Andrew the Apostle

Andrew knew immediately upon meeting Jesus Christ for the very first time that Jesus was the Savior. Andrew also knew he must not keep this information a secret and must share this information right away. Andrew quickly brought his brother to meet Jesus.

This is important because Andrew’s brother was Simon. Simon also became an apostle and later became known as Peter (”…upon this rock I will build my church…”). Andrew, like his brother, was one of the 12 apostles. Initially, Andrew met St. John the Baptist and met Jesus through him.

Andrew was the very first person to abandon everything he had in his life – his possessions, his work, to follow Jesus Christ as the Savior. Since Andrew was a fisherman when John the Baptist introduced him to Jesus, Jesus told Andrew (and his brother Simon Peter) they would become, "fishers of men."

Like Jesus Christ, Andrew was also crucified on a cross. However, unlike Jesus, Andrew was bound (not nailed). This was done to prolong his suffering. When Andrew was to be crucified, he insisted that he was not worthy enough to be crucified on the same cross as Jesus Christ. Andrew's cross, instead, was in the form of an X. This is often known as St. Andrew's Cross.

St. Andrew is the patron saint of Russia, Romania and Scotland. He spent a great portion of his adult life traveling between Greece and the area known today as Russia and Romania converting many to Christianity. Saint Andrew is also the patron saint for all fishing related industry, and he is sometimes portrayed with fishing nets. St. Andrew is the patron saint for all single women, and is also the patron saint against illnesses like gout and sore throats! Saint Andrew is also the patron saint of Army Rangers, mariners, rope-makers, singers and performers.

Like he did with his brother, St. Andrew is often thought of as a person who “brings others to Jesus,” so it is very appropriate to consider someone a follower of St. Andrew if they help bring people to the church and to Jesus Christ.

Later in life, St. Andrew the Apostle performed several miracles, including freeing the disciple Matthias from shackles in prison and raising a women's son from the dead. He was a tireless worker spreading the gospel and the belief in God, and was responsible for converting many people to Christianity.

The feast of St. Andrew is celebrated each year on November 30, although this is sometimes celebrated on the first Sunday in Advent. November 30 was the day Saint Andrew the Apostle was crucified.

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    • profile image

      the pecuw 

      4 years ago

      he wate or you doing

    • skye2day profile image


      8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Hi I love the story about Andrew. It will be awesome one day to meet him in heaven. The time is getting closer. I enjoyed this hub very much. I thank you for stopping by to visit me. I am new in your fan club. I will be back soon to visit. I know hub pages will bless you & will bless hub pages.

      In his name' skye2day

    • profile image

      Michael T R B Turnbull 

      8 years ago

      Dear CatholicExpert,

      In 1997 I wrote 'Saint Andrew: Scotland's Myth and Identity' (Edinburgh: The Saint Andrew Press. I am now working on a revised edition to be published by Scottish Cultural Press.

      You can get an idea of the book's contents from the web page I wrote for the BBC -

      The cover of the book is at: a selection of the St Andrews (Scotland) historical illustrator Jurek Putter's prints is at:

      NB These can still be ordered from Jurek by writing to him at: 25 Tom Morris Drive, ST ANDREWS Fife KY16 8EW Scotland


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