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Saint Ann

Updated on August 12, 2009

About Saint Ann

Ever wonder who the mother of the Virgin Mary was? Well her name was Ann, and she is a saint, as well as the grandmother of Jesus. Saint Ann's husband was named Joachim, and he too was a saint. Saint Ann's name comes from Hebrew, where it means "grace".

Saint Ann and Saint Joachim lived together in the their home in Nazareth. They were a fairly wealthy family, but had no children even though they were quite old. It was a feast day, and Joachim went down to the local temple to pay his respects.

Joachim went alone, but had an offering to give to God from him and his wife. Upon his arrival at the temple, he was told he must leave by an older man at the temple's doors. Joachim asked him why, and he was told that he was not allowed to enter the temple because he did not have a child.

This made Joachim very sad because he could not give his sacrifice, and reminded him that he and his wife had still not had a child. That was something they had been trying to do for a long time at that point, but it had never worked out.

Joachim still wished to give his offering to God though, so he went to be alone in the nearby mountain range. Joachim made his offering to God in soltitude in the mountains, and entered deep prayer for a long time afterwards.

Ann was at home, and was worried about Joachim's whereabouts. She eventually found out why he was missing and that he was terribly upset. Ann prayed to God to bless them with a child, she promised that any child they recieved would live a life for God.

God heard Ann's prayers and decided to help her and Joachim out. An angel appeared to Ann that night and informed her that she would be pregnant soon and her daughter would be holy.

That night, Joachim was still in deep prayer in the moutains, and the same angel appeared to him with the news delivered to Ann just moments before. Joachim ran home to the house to see Ann.

About a week later, Ann became pregnant, and eventually gave birth to Mary. Saint Ann's feast day is on July 26th each year, and is the patron saint saint of mothers.


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