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Saint Bede the Venerable

Updated on August 28, 2009

About Saint Bede

Saint Bede is the patron saint of lectors, and he was born in England around the year 672 in a small village caleld Wearmouth. Saint Bede's parents sent him to be raised in a monastery when he was very young because they thought he would learn to lead a better life if he did so. Naturally Saint Bede was destined to become a monk one day.

When Bede was a teenager he met one of the biggest influences in his life. This was Adomnan, a monk who was the in charge of the local monastery. Adomnan saw great potential in Bede so he took him under his guide and taught him a lot about the church. Saint Bede would learn so much from Adomnan that he would be made a deacon at an unusually young age.

Bede began teaching classes at a local school, and published many works for use in the classes. Bede would eventually write over sixty five books in his lifetime as an author. On top of being a gifted author, Bede also sang and wrote poetry quite well.

Saint Bede would become a well respected advisor to many high ranking men in the church towards the later portion of his life. Beded would advise the Bishop of York on a frequent basis. His advice was also sought by a monk who lived in his lonesome in Lindisfarne. This meant a lot to Saint Bede because the monk disliked human contact and requested to see him. Saint Bede would pass away due to illness on May 25, 735.


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      Rukia 6 years ago

      Very imformative, but a bit short. Really helped me with my homework thnx!!!

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      6 years ago