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Saint Benjamin

Updated on August 30, 2009

Saint Benjamin was born sometime around the year 405, in Persia. He is known as the patron saint of preachers. In the year 420, Christians began to be arrested for their beliefs there, and St. Benjamin was arrested along with many other Christians.

The issues between the Christians and Persians began because a Christian started a fire inside of a Persian temple. The Perians wanted the man to rebuild the church because it burned to the ground, but he would not do it. So the Persian's form of retaliation was burning down every Christian church in the country and torturing and beating all the Christians they could find.

For forty years after this the Christians would be victimized in Persia, even when the Persian government elected new leaders. They all felt the same way about Christians, so it changed nothing. Saint Benjamin had been held in captivity for a long time by the Persians because he was a deacon in a local church. However, a friend had negotiated a deal to have Benjamin released under one condition. Benjamin would not be allowed to preach or speak in any way of his religion. He was to keep to himself and not try to spread Christianity.

Saint Benjamin would not accept the terms of his release because he claimed he was bound as a Christian to try and teach others the ways of God and Christianity. He said there was no way that he could remain silent.

Instead of just returning Benjamin to captivity, the Persians decided to kill him for not taking their generous offer. The Persians put Benjamin through excrutiating torture before they killed him. Benjamin is known as a martyr for the suffering he endured for his faith. His death took place in the year 424.


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    • profile image

      Brad 5 years ago

      The commenter above this is an illiterate troll.

    • profile image

      an atheism who belive in humanity 5 years ago

      Maybe it will be useful sometimes to read some other books after the religion ones.

      Just to remind that the "Persian" is not the name of religion and in the begining you write that "Saint Benjamin was born sometime around the year 405, in Persia". ok!

      than he was Persian, a Christian Persian like many others!

      Christian is the name of religion and not the name of language or part of the world or country or anything else.

      Or you didn't read as well as to know the right history, or you readed good and you going to cheat the others.

      You going ti mix the population with the religion, and the Persians was Zorasters who dosn't right to be in their country and they leaved Iran to india.

      You could ignorant the people but you couldn't hide the truth.

    • profile image

      Nweze Benjamin 5 years ago

      I have been looking for information about my Patron Saint.Thank God I have found it.For the first time,I will be celebrating my Patron Feast day come March 31,2012.I think I have certain things in common with him,though I am not yet a Deacon.

    • profile image

      Ben 5 years ago

      Does anyone know St. Benjamin's family background? I can't find any information on his family.

    • profile image

      faraeen 6 years ago

      brill thnx lol =) :D

    • profile image

      TITANIUM579 6 years ago


    • profile image

      ALLSHONOGO 6 years ago

      Thanks this was a great load of time saved for my confirmation project. :

    • profile image

      Ben 7 years ago

      thank you this was very useful for my re project