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Saint Bridget of Sweden

Updated on September 22, 2009

About Saint Bridget of Sweden

Did you know that Saint Bridget of Sweden suffered a terrible loss early in life? She lost her mother and husband and it changed her forever. Born around 1303, Saint Bridget is known as the patron saint of widows. Bridget was taught to be religious by her mother at a young age, and Bridget did not give up after her mother died when she was only thirteen years old.

Saint Bridget was married to her husband Ulf when she was thireen. This sounds weird to us today, but it was common to see back then. The two would have a big family of eight kids, and one of their children would become a saint. The entire family was known for being kind and very religious.

In 1341, Bridget and Ulf went on a trip for a few weeks leaving the children behind with family friends. It was a lucky thing they did because Ulf caught a devastating sickness on the journey and barely made it back to Sweden. Ulf would survive for a week or so under Bridget's care, but would ultimately die.

After Bridget mourned the loss of her beloved husband, she realized she had two jobs left in the world. The first was her family and the second was her devotion to God. She sucessfully mastered these two things in her remaining years. God appeared to Bridget often and told her things. Bridget recorded all that God told her and put it into many different languages to share with other people.

Saint Bridget even found time to create a religious socitey named the Brigittines. She gained money from the King of Sweden to create a beautiful monastery. Saint Bridget spent her last few years in Rome because she was so well respected in the religious world. On July 23, 1373 Bridget died. In 1391 she was canonized a saint by Pope Boniface IX.


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