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Saint Bruno

Updated on November 17, 2009

About Saint Bruno

Saint Bruno's parents were very important people at the time of his birth which was in the year 1035. Saint Bruno was an intelligent young child and was sent to one of the best schools in his town, Cologne. Bruno is now remembered as the patron saint of educators because he was a great professor in his time.

As soon as Bruno had attended school for long enough, he was ordained a priest. Bruno was ordained at his home parish of Saint Cunibert. This is also where Bruno's teaching career was started. He taught several classes a day there. Bruno would eventually be put in charge of the school by the local archbishop.

Bruno and a handful of other priests would be commanded to leave the area they lived in around the year 1076. This happened because the priests had decided that a local archbishop was not ready to take on a higher position in the church and they sought to stop his promotion. The archbishop did not like this so arranged for them to be kicked out of the area. So Bruno and the other priests obeyed their superior's wishes and left. After the archbishop passed away, Bruno and the other men came back. Bruno had gained much recognition in the few years he had been gone, and many of the locals wanted to see him become archbishop.

The archbishop would pass away and with his passing Bruno and the other banished priests were allowed back into the diocese. In the couple of years Bruno had left, he had gained the respect and admiration of many for his teaching and for being a great priest. Many people wanted Bruno to take over the archbishop position.

Saint Bruno wanted no part of the archbishop job though and left town to live as a recluse. He lived a virteous life of chastity. Bruno and a group of men decided they were going to live in the montains.

The men along with Bruno would form the Cartusian Order in the mountains. They carved out rooms in the moutains and prayed and taught there. They lived simple lives and did not enjoy the unecessary things that most people of their time did.

In 1090, the Pope would send out men to find Bruno because he wished to see him. Bruno really did not want to leave his Carthusian Order home in the mountains, but decided to because it was the Pope who wished to see him. Pope Urban II attempted to talk Bruno into being the archbishop again. Bruno still did not wish to fill the position because he enjoyed the order he had created in the mountains.

Saint Bruno would live in the mountains until he passed away in 1101. Saint Bruno was canonized pre-congregation and his feast day falls on October 6th.


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