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Saint Casimir of Poland

Updated on December 20, 2009

About Saint Casimir of Poland

Saint Casimir was brought up by his mother and father, after his birth in 1461. Saint Casimir's parents were both royalty. His father was the King of Poland and his mother was Queen in Austria. His parent's expected Casimir to lead Poland to greatness one day. He would go on to help Poland a lot so now he is known as it's patron saint.

Saint Casimir of Poland realized while he was still really young that he was not going to have a regular life. However, Casimir realized that God had to come first in his life. Eventually he would let his father know that he would be leading a life for God, not for him.

John Dlugosz helped Saint Casimir a lot during his life. He showed Casimir the ways of being a good Christian, and would lead him towards a life full of prayer.

Saint Casimir was tempted often during his religious life, but he never gave to the temptations and kept living a good life. Casimir's family hardly spoke to him anymore because he wasn't becoming royalty like them. Casimir was hurt by this, but knew where his loyalties lied. Casimir dressed, and did many things much differently from how his family had taught him to.

Casimir was forced into leading an army into Hungary. His father was trying one last time to get Casimir to follow in his foot steps. However he did not follow his father's directions correctly, this resulted in his father taking great anger in Casimir. Casimir hated to disappoint his father, but he knew inside that he had to obey what God would believe was right.

Casimir had upset his father so much at this point that he would banish Casimir from their town. Casimir took his time in seclusion as a gift, and used it to help his spirituality grow.

Saint Casimir died in 1484 because of a lung problem that he was suffering from. On March 4th each year, the Church celebrates the feast day of Saint Casimir of Poland.


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