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Saint Gianna

Updated on August 23, 2010

About Saint Gianna

Saint Gianna was born in Milan on the 4th of October in 1922. Gianna had two caring parents who made sure to teach their daughter good morals. Gianna would keep these morals in her heart for the rest of her life, and it shows in her good deeds and kindness. St. Gianna had two brothers and a sister who were also taught well by their parents. The two boys ended up priests and her sister a nun.

Gianna loved doing charity whenever she could find the time while she was growing up. Her favorite people to work with were the poor and the elderly. Gianna spent a lot of time helping others, but never forgot to help herself by getting good marks in school. She studied very hard for her courses and ended up with a degree in medicine from the University of Pavia. She took her degree and put it to work doing what she loved best, which was helping others. She made sure that mothers and children were getting the medical care they needed, even if they could not pay her. Gianna did not care about the money, but more the ethical rightness of what she was doing for others.

Gianna considered living a life of chastity, but she also wanted to have a family of her own. She decided on the latter of the two and was married. She prayed to God and sought guidance from clergy members to find this answer, and she finally came to the conclusion that having a family would be right for her. She wanted to make sure she got to pass along all the good values and lessons her parents had instilled upon her.

The man that Gianna married was named Pietro Molla, and the date of their marriage was the 24th of September in 1955 at the Saint Martin Church in Magenta. Gianna kept up her great work helping others with medical issues even after their marriage. Within five years after their marriage, Gianna and Pietro would have three children. Gianna found a way to raise three young children and still help others like she had been doing before.

Not too long after her third child, Gianna would become pregnant again with her fourth! There was a problem with this pregnancy though. Gianna was feeling a lot of pain a few weeks into being pregnant that the doctors found out was a fibroma. This requires surgery to fix the problem, but also endangers the child's life. It had to be done though and the surgery was a success. The remaining months of Gianna's pregnancy would consist of her praying to God that her child would live. She knew that if it meant her life or the child's that she wanted her baby to live instead of herself.

In April of 1962 Gianna had her baby, Gianna Emanuela, and all was well for a few minutes. However, Gianna started feeling terrible during the day of her daughter's birth. She could not get rid of this pain and it became worse. On April 28, 1962 Gianna died due to complications from child birth. In 2004, Pope John Paul II made Gianna a saint in the month of May.


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