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Saint Gregory the Great

Updated on August 20, 2010

About Saint Gregory the Great

Saint Gregory was born in Rome in 540. His parents were well-off seeing as his father worked for the government in Rome. His father's job let Gregory get involved with the community from a young age. He did a nice amount of work for the community of Rome at no cost, simply because he wanted to. His kindness and care for Rome were what made Saint Gregory great material for the position of prefect in the city.

Gregory enjoyed being his job as prefect, but was not fully content with it. He wanted to become closer to God so he joined a monastery. This monastery also happened to be one of several that were made by Gregory's request. Saint Andrew was the head of the monastery that Gregory joined, and Andrew became a mentor to Gregory.

Saint Andrew was very good at running the monastery and it flourished while he was in charge of things there. Word of his great work spread all over and he is remembered quite well for it. Saint Andrew stepped down as abbot of the monastery in 586, and handed the reins over to Gregory. He continued the job Saint Andrew was doing flawlessly and became just a well known for it too.

Gregory heard news one day that the Pope had died. Rumors had been circulating that Gregory would be considered to fill the Church's void, however these rumors did not please Gregory. Rather, they scared him and mad him upset. He didn't believe himself worthy of the highest position the Church had to offer. The only viable option Gregory saw for himself was to flee and live a life of recluse. His plan did not really work out so well though because people realized he was gone. They eventually found him too and made him Pope.

Gregory was a game changer as far as Pope's are considered. He set up new rules for those in charge of different Church owned estates. More of the Church's money was given to the poor, who deserved it more than anybody else possibly could. The Lombard barbarians wanted to destroy Italy, but Gregory was able to negotiate with them and save Italy from sure destruction.

Saint Gregory died of old age in 604 on March 12th, and his feast day falls on the 3rd of September.


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