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Saint Helen

Updated on August 19, 2010

About Saint Helen

Saint Helen was born in a truly unknown location most likely due to the fact that she was born around the year 250. Historians have gathered that a large portion of her life was spent living in Asia Minor. Saint Helen is best known for her sainthood and being the mother of the great ruler Constantine. Her son named a city, Helenopolis, in honor of her after she passed away.

Unfortunately, Saint Helen led a very mysterious life in her early years. Literally next to nothing has been unveiled about her early past. One of the very few known facts is that Helen was not very spiritual at all early in life, and spent most of her time at a local inn that was her place of work.

Asia Minor and Helen's job there as an innkeeper would lead her to matrimony. While working at the inn, she met a man named Constantius. They married soon after their meeting at a small, quiet ceremony.

Helen would give birth to the couple's only child, Constantine. After Constantine was born though, his father began to leave the all the time returning at odd hours. This behavior was due to the fact that he was seeing another woman at the time. He would leave for good one day, never to be seen again by Helen or Constantine.

Helen made sure that she raised Constantine as a good person, and their relationship was a great one. They never spoke of Constantius and they never had the need to because they were so close. Helen would not get involved with another man for the rest of her life.

A little known fact about Constantine and Saint Helen is that the two always traveled and lived together while they were both alive. Even when Constantine became emperor in the yera 306, Helen followed him to Rome and wherever else his work required. This is the time in Helen's life when she got extremely close to God and in touch with her religious side. She spent most of her days in deep thought and prayer. Constantine looked to his mother for advice all the time, and she came through with wise views and thoughts she shared with him.

Saint Helen would eventually die in the year 330, due to her old age. Constantine was obviously crushed by this event. He did not leave her side in her last hours of life. August 18th is when the Catholic Church celebrates Saint Helen's feast.


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    • thecatholicexpert profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      frndlyghost thanks for the comment! I completely agree with you it must have been so tough for St. Helen in her times! God bless!

    • frndlyghost profile image


      7 years ago from California Wine Country

      Wow! Saint Helen sounds like an amazing woman. It's difficult enough being a single mom nowadays. I can only imagine how much more difficult it was in her day.


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