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Saint Henry II

Updated on August 18, 2010

About Saint Henry II

Saint Henry II was born in Germany in the year 972 on the 6th of May. His parents were well known in Germany then, his mother was Gisella and his father was Henry the Quarrlsome. Saint Henry II was given a top notch education as a youngster at Hildesheim. School there was held in a cathedral and priests and bishops taught the classes.

Henry had his mind made up from the get go that he really wanted to become a priest when he was older. His father's untimely passing made him the new Duke of Bavaria in 995 though, and once that happened life as a priest was not an option anymore. In just a few years Henry would rise from Duke of Bavaria to King of Pavia. He married a woman who is now known as Saint Cunegunda. They remained celibate, and instead devoted their time to helping those who truly need it.

Henry had a younger brother who had been left out of all the grandeur that had come Henry's way for being the first born son. He was jealous of all that Henry had acquired so he tried to fight him. Henry did not want to do this, but in the end was given no choice. Henry beat his brother in battle, and his brother just resented him more for it. Eventually the two brothers would reconcile with one another and end up on good terms.

In 1014, the Pope made Henry II Holy Roman Emperor, which was pretty much one of the most powerful positions the world had to offer. Henry's biggest work while he was Emperor was bringing overall peace and well being to his citizens, in which he was quite successful.

Henry would become sickly in his old age, and was very prone to illness. This caused him to have to take a little more laid back approach to life and stop being so active. On the 13th of July in 1024 Henry passed away. July 13th is his feast day now.


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