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Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Updated on August 17, 2010

About Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Saint Ignatius was born in the year 1491 in the country of Spain. St. Ignatius grew up in a wealthy, prosperous family in Spain at the time. His mother and father were well known in most parts of the county, and that led to Ignatius becoming a knight. His work as a knight, the soldiers of their time, made him their patron saint.

Ignatius was out battling and had some terrible luck. His leg was mangled quite badly during a skirmish between his forces and some enemies. This unlucky turn of events left Ignatius with no choice but to withdraw from his position as a knight. Without his legs working properly he would be of no use to them. Ignatius started a phase of his life during his recovery from this injury, where he would come to realize what his true destiny was.

Ignatius needed something to occupy himself with while he was hurt and trying to get better. Reading seemed like a great idea, and he began to become very well read on different subjects. Ignatius' life was changed after he finished reading the De Vita Christi. He knew from the second he was done reading that book that he must devote the rest of his life to God and join a religious order. Saint Francis became a hero of Ignatius' and he would try to become more like him as the years went on.

Once Ignatius was cleared to leave the local hospital that he had been staying in, he wandered out into a nearby wooded area and began his life as a recluse. Ignatius saw Mary and Jesus in visionary forms out in the woods.

The Society of Jesus was created by Saint Ignatius. It started off with no members other then Ignatius himself, and grew to have a plethora of faithful participants. Before his passing, Ignatius would get to see his society grow to one thousand strong which was quite an amazing feat. In 1556 Saint Ignatius passed away, and in 1622 he was made a saint when Pope Gregory canonized him.


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