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Saint Jane of Valois

Updated on August 6, 2010

About Saint Jane of Valois

Saint Jane of Valois was born in 1464 in the country of France. Her parents were the rulers of France then, so she was brought into a wealthy lifestyle. Her father was disappointed that she was a girl because he needed a son to be able to carry on his family's tradition as king.

St. Jane of Valois was severely mistreated by her father. He tried to murder Jane one day, but failed miserably. Embarrassed and without any other true options, Jane's father ordered her to leave his land. Jane, in her time of trouble, turned to God for a helping hand. He showed her spiritual peace and Jane became more and more faithful to him as the days passed.

Years later Jane's father would send a messenger to Jane to tell her she was to return home. Jane was skeptical of her father's intentions, and rightfully so. She was forced to marry a duke from a nearby town by her father. She wanted no part of the marriage, but she truly didn't have much of say. Jane was more interested in pleasing God then her new husband, and things would remain that way forever.

Jane would travel to Bourges, a nearby city to her home. She liked life there much better, and founded her own religious order there known as the Order of the Annunciation. Many men and women at the time frowned upon Jane's efforts to create this order because she was a woman and that was not something women did back then. She did not listen to anything anybody had to say though because she knew that she was doing a good thing. She would follow through with her plans and the order would become a reality.

The basis of Jane's society was put around how the Virgin Mary lived her life during the Incarnation. Ten key rules that Mary lived by during those times were implemented for all members of Jane's order.

One of the last things Saint Jane did in her lifetime was to have a convent built to house her order. This was done around the year 1502. Saint Jane would die in 1505 during the month of February. In 1950, Pope Pius XII brought Jane into sainthood by canonizing her on May 28th.


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