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Saint Jerome

Updated on August 5, 2010

About Saint Jerome

Saint Jerome was born in Strido, Dalmatia in 347. Even though St. Jerome would grow up to become a saint, neither his mother or father were religious. They were both pagans, but did not even take that very seriously. His parents did not raise Jerome that well, and often let him just wander around town. This would sometimes get him into mischief.

Jerome would eventually head to the city of Rome where he would begin his studies in the field of law. While reading for his various classes, Jermone would see a lot about Christianity and the basis of the religion. Jerome became interested in what Christianity had to offer, and he was baptized in 365. His baptism had profound effects on his life. Jerome no longer wished to study law because he cared so much about Christianity. He changed his studies to focus on theology, and planned to enter priesthood when he could.

Jerome chose a completely opposite lifestyle from anything he would have expected before. He went out into Syria, which is mostly desert, and lived there in recluse for many years.

When Jerome was out living by himself, he encountered a lion that was hurt badly. Jerome saw the source of the lions suffering, which happened to be a thorn in its side. Jerome made the risky decision of helping the lion. He took the thorn out of it, and the lion showed him gratitude. It would become Jerome's companion for many years.

When Jerome finally had enough of his reclusive lifestyle he returned to his hometown. He still had much knowledge in the field of theology, and finally used it to become a priest like he had planned so many years before then. Jerome also helped out Pope Damasus I by translating the Bible for him.

Jerome's translated version would become known as the Vulgate translation, which is still used a lot today. Saint Jerome would befriend others while he was a priest. Some were just local men and women, others include Saint Marcella, Saint Paula, and Saint Eustochium.

Saint Jerome left town again for good when he decided to become a hermit again. This is how he would spend the last thirty four years of his life. Saint Jerome died of old age in 419.


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