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Saint Joan of Arc

Updated on August 2, 2010

About Saint Joan of Arc

Saint Joan of Arc was born in the town of Domremy, France on the 6th of January in 1412. Her mother and father were Catholics, and taught Joan the good values they had due to their faith. Saint Joan of Arc was also raised in a very poor setting, her mother and father were of the lowest class of French society. None the less they were a happy family and made the best of their situation in life.

Saint Catherine, Saint Michael, Saint Margaret, and many other saints spoke to Saint Joan of Arc while she was growing up. She would constantly hear voices inside of her head trying to communicate a message to her. The saints all tried to tell her the same thing, which she would finally comprehend. They needed her to speak to the King of France.

The French king was at that time being utterly embarrassed by Great Britain. Slowly but surely, the British had broken further and further into French lands, taking it as their own. Joan was sent by the saints that spoke to her to help the French king end this travesty.

The only trouble was, women had no place commanding an army back then. The question was not even taken seriously at first, however after much trouble Joan was put in charge of a minute armed force. This was more to silence her than anything else.

Starting off in New Orleans, Joan showed everybody that her commanding an army was far from a joke. She regained nearly all of the French's lost territories. Joan was taken by the British from a battle though, and held at a ransom. The French would not pay the monetary amount wanted for her though. The British, knowing the dangers of Joan, paid the ransom and kept her in prison. This would last for months before they gave her a fair trial.

The British were infuriated that Joan claimed to have spoken to saints. They rigged her trial so that she would be found guilty no matter what.

So, of course, Joan was found guilty and sentenced to death. Her way of death was extraordinarily brutal, they burned her alive. This took place in 1431, during the month of May. Years later, people would come to their senses and recognize the unfair treatment Saint Joan of Arc had been given. Pope Benedict XV made Joan a saint in the year 1920.


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    • profile image

      Brenda C 6 years ago

      Luc Besson did a great version of Joan of Arc---with the fabulous Mila Jonovich!!!

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 7 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      Yes, Joan was extraordinary. An aspect usually overlooked is how young she was. I'm only aware of this because of some movie casting and articles about it. Most actresses who played her were much older.