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Saint John Bosco

Updated on July 29, 2010

About Saint John Bosco

Saint John Bosco was born in a tiny village in Italy in 1815. His mother and father both worked on the farm that they owned, and made enough money to support their family and provide a small home for them to live in. Saint John Bosco lost his father when he was only two years old though, and this would drastically change the way that he would be brought up. John had two brothers, and all three of them would learn how to run the farm with their mother so they could continue their lifestyle.

They had to learn to do all of their father's old jobs on the farm. This was extremely important because the farm was the only way that they earned any money for themselves. Saint John loved to be around other people. He took the greatest pleasure in making other people have fun and laugh. He was always great throughout his life at making people happy.

John's mother was a religious woman, so seeing as she was the one raising John and his brothers they were all quite religious as well. John had always considered the option of becoming a priest when he was old enough to. However, becoming a priest was not exactly free. Schooling cost a nice sum of money, and that was something that John's family definitely did not have an excess of. So, being the selfless person that he was, John set aside his dreams and accepted the reality that he would have to make due with the life he had been given.

One day, a priest from the nearest parish had a conversation with John in passing. John told him of his dream to become a priest, and the priest was excited to hear of this. John also told him why his dream was just not realistic, and the priest offered to begin tutoring John. John accepted and began to learn much more about the Church, as he would if he could afford schooling to become a priest. John and the priest came up with many ideas about how John could make some money on his own to put towards an education. John did numerous odd-jobs for families in the local area, and eventually put enough money aside to make his dream come true.

Saint John would finally be ordained in 1841 after waiting for so many years for the moment to come. John would become assistant to several priests before coming to the realization that he truly loved teaching others. He decided to open his own school called Saint Francis de Sales, and saw amazing enrollment numbers. His school was too small to fit all the children inside, so another was made!

The Society of Saint Francis de Sales was also the work of Saint John Bosco. He wanted to found a religious group on top of the already prestigious school he created.

In 1888, on January 31st Saint John Bosco died at 72. He was canonized in 1934 by Pope Pius XI.


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