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Saint John Chrysostom

Updated on July 27, 2010

About Saint John Chrysostom

In 344, Saint John Chrysostom was born in Antioch. John's father was part of the military at the time of his birth. He and John spent time together, but not much because his father would be killed while John was still just a baby. His mother, Anthusa, raised him by herself. Anthusa was not a Christian, but she instilled good morals in St. John Chrysostom none the less. She sent him to school, where he was tutored by a local preacher named Libanius.

Saint John learned all that he could from the local tutors that he could, and then made a life decision that would change him indefinitely. He wanted to live a simple life, free of society and its demands. He packed the few belongings he claimed as his own and left for the mountain range that surrounded his hometown of Antioch. He remained in the mountains for twelve years, and chose only to return because his health was drastically decreasing by the day. John would need bed rest and constant help from nurses to regain his health. John had realized his meaning of life though while he was out in the woods, and when his health returned he made sure he was made a priest. He knew this would be the best life choice that he could possibly make.

John was well liked by his parish once he was a priest, and he was known in surrounding areas too for his kindness. John's hard work gained him a place on a high council in Constantinople. He would make some wonderful decisions for the Church during his time on this council and most would people thought that he was a good choice to fill the seat he was in. However, some people disagreed and looked down upon John's choice to live a hermits life for so many years. They used this against John, and his position was revoked and he was asked to leave Constantinople.

Saint John was not really phased by their unkind actions and took it all in stride. This really got his enemies upset, so they took further actions to have him kicked out of Antioch. They saw success in their endeavors and John had to leave his hometown for Pythius, a far away town where he knew nobody.

Saint John Chrysostom never reached Pythius though because he passed away on the long journey. The date of his death was the 14th of September in the year 407. His feast day is now celebrated on the 13th of September.


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