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Saint John Licci

Updated on July 20, 2010

About Saint John Licci

Saint John Licci was born in Caccamo, Italy in 1400. His mother sadly passed away due to birth complications. His family was not very wealthy, so his father had to take hard, manual labor jobs that took up nearly all of his time. All this was just enough to feed John and his father and give them a place to live.

John's neighbors helped his father, who worked all day long, in raising St. John. They would periodically check in on John throughout the day to feed him, or give him some attention. John was crying loudly one day, so his neighbor went to check what the problem was. His neighbor brought him back to her house to feed him, and set John down on nearby bed while she went to fetch some food. Her husband was paralyzed and was in the same room as John laying on a bed. When the man's wife returned, he was able to walk again.

Saint John grew up and many miraculous events seemed to just happen whenever he was around. People always advised John that he must join some sort of religious group because of this. John listened to this and joined the Dominicans.

John's dream once he began to live religiously was to have his hometown of Caccamo be home to a convent. John waited until he was a priest, and then made his dream into reality. The convent lacked proper funding and materials, but John made sure that it was created. It is said that many miracles seemed to occur during the building of the convent.

John and some of his Dominican brothers were attacked by a bunch of bad men looking to steal from them. One of them stepped forward and lunged at Saint John, attempting to hurt him. He could not move his hands at all. Him and his friends all were shocked by this turn of events, for they had thought they would be taking all their money and beating Saint John and his group. The bad men asked for the sympathy and forgiveness of Saint John and the other Dominicans. Being followers of Christianity, they of course gave the men their blessing. The man whose hands had become unable to move was again able to put his extremities to use and they all realized that they had witnessed something amazing.

Saint John Licci lived until 1511, which was extraordinarily long in his time. In 1511, Saint John died in the month of November.


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