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Saint John Vianney

Updated on July 15, 2010

About Saint John Vianney

On May 8th in 1786, Saint John Vianney was brought into this world. He was born and raised in a small village called Dardilly, located in France. He lived on a farm and worked there as well. He looked after the animals they had, and also planted and harvested crops. One of the most memorable things that Saint John Vianney did was teaching young kids different prayers to say while they were all out in the field working.

John always grew up with the intention of being a priest when he was older, but when he was finally of age to make that dream come true it proved to be harder than it looked. Saint John had a tough time learning Latin, a major class that priests must master. He prayed to God for help concentrating on Latin and learning it because John had made up his mind that he needed to become a priest. Everything worked out in the end and John would be made a priest.

Saint John was given his first position in Ecully, and he was the parish priest there. John did well there so he was given a different parish that needed an enthusiastic, young priest to get their parishioners back into coming to Mass. John found out the problem was not the parishioners not wanted to go to Mass, but being incapable. Many of them were very sick and poor, leaving them simply unable to get the Church on a regular basis. John set up rounds during the week when he would visit all the sickly and poor in his parish.

Saint John always had great difficulty when he was trying to sleep. This was attributed to all the good that John did for his parish. He was doing so much good that Satan absolutely despised him, and would keep him from sleep at night because of it

Saint John spent many days hearing hundreds upon hundreds of confessions. He felt obligated to take as many as he could possibly fit into one day. John also brought many new followers to the Church because of his outwardly, friendly attitude.

In 1859, Saint John Vianney died of natural causes in the month of August. His feast day is celebrated on August 4th, and he has been a saint since his canonization in 1925.


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