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Saint John of God

Updated on July 21, 2010

About Saint John of God

St. John of God was born in Portugal on the 8th day of March in 1495. His family was not very well-off financially, even though they had been not too long before Saint John of God's birth. In a sad turn of events, John's mother would pass away when John was still just a young child. His mother's death led his father to lead a religious life. He joined a monastery within months of her untimely death. Being that his father was part of a monastery, Saint John was raised to be respectable and very faithful to the Christian ways his father displayed to him.

John's father gave him his first job, which was tending to the fields his father owned. This meant looking after the animals and taking care of the crops. John's father loved him very much, and was glad to see John work so diligently and take the responsibility of his first job well. A local friend of John's father wished for John to take his daughter's hand in marriage. John would not only gain a wife, but all of the her father's land as well. He would respectfully decline his off though because of his longing to live a religious life like his father. Since John was of age, he had to join the military for a few years when there was a war. Once this was finished though, John made a great effort to teach others about God. His main method of this was through writing, and with the printing press having been just invented he saw major success in distributing his writings.

John was shown by Saint John of Avila one day that he should focus on lending a helping hand to the poor and needy of his area. Saint John went completely insane after the Mass he saw Saint John of Avila at though. This is said to have been caused by God, and his craziness scared other people. They had him captured and brought to an institution for the mentally insane.

Saint John of Avila was very concerned when he heard about John's mental issues. He went to the institution to see John. After a long talk with John of Avila. Saint John of God was of a sane mind again. Once he was fully stable, he told Saint John of Avila of his plans to help the poor.

Saint John decided it was time to move, so he left for Grenada. He made great efforts to help the poor and suffering in this Spanish city. He founded an order called the Order of Hospitallers, and had many members join.

Saint John died in the year 1550 in the month of March, he was 55 years old at the time. Pope Alexander VIII made John a saint in 1690.


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