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Saint John the Apostle

Updated on July 30, 2010

About Saint John the Apostle

Saint John the Apostle was born in the year around the year 1, exact date is unknown, in the town of Galilee. His father's name was Zebedee and his brother is also a saint, Saint James the Great. Saint John the Apostle and Saint James the Great met Jesus on the same day, and were convinced that they should become followers of him. This, of course, made them the very first apostles of Jesus Christ. Saint John was probably Jesus' most devoted apostle. He would not deny his connections to Jesus ever during their friendship, and this is something that cannot be said about all of the apostles.

Jesus made sure that John was informed of his duty to keep an eye on Mary after Jesus had been killed. He would not have left this task up to anybody other than his closest friend. John diligently followed Jesus' requests.

Saint John was responsible for the creation of numerous churches in Asia. He also took a lot of his time and used it to spread the word of Christ in many areas. Most of his work was in and around Jerusalem.

John wrote the entire fourth Gospel that can be find in the Bible, and he also spent much time creating three Epistles. The book of Revelation is also attributed to Saint John the Apostle.

John was to be punished one time in Rome for being a Christian. Something amazing happening though and it was certainly due to John's faith in God. He was about to be scorched in a big container of scalding hot water and oil. He stepped into the container and felt nothing, he walked back out with no wounds or pain. This freaked those punishing him out a lot, so they banished him for a year from the city of Rome.

Saint John earned himself the nickname the "Apostle of Charity" because of his extreme kindness and caring for others. Jesus set a great example for his apostles obviously, and John picked up on it. He tried his hardest to be like Jesus, which is something more people should truly concentrate on in the world.

Sometime close to the year 100 is when Saint John died. The Catholic Church celebrates his feast day on the 27th of December.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      That had to be pretty cool to get to hang out with Jesus and learn directly from him. I wonder what they would have talked about outside of what is in the bible. You know if Jesus had to trust others with secret information there could have been a lot of secret info!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      wtf is with the wind turbine pic

    • thecatholicexpert profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks for that plethora of information Deaconess.

    • Deaconess profile image


      7 years ago

      It is greatly disputed that St John actually wrote the gospel of John. The original manuscript was anonymous, and the only reference in the manuscript toward authorship was a statement that the writer based his writings on testimony from one of Jesus' disciples. John 21:24 This statement alone is clear in telling us that it was definitely not written by John or any of the original disciples who personally knew Jesus. It is hearsay, and at least a 3rd hand account. Additionally, the earliest commentary about this gospel was that it was written by Heracleon, a disciple of Valentinus, who led a Christian cult that was deeply corrupted by pagan thought. Evidence of this, is the use of the greek word "paraclete" which is only used in John, which is translated as helper, or comforter, and that the Catholic church decided to identify as the holy spirit, but in classical Greek, the paraclete were pagan entities similar to the Christian concept of an angel.

      Despite the controversy surrounding the manuscript, the Catholic Church included it in the cannon because they could use the "paraclete" concepts in it, along with other text that they ADDED to it, to establish the trinity doctrine with which they deified Jesus with.


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