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Saint Joseph of Cupertino

Updated on July 2, 2010

About Saint Joseph of Cupertino

Saint Joseph was born in the village of Cupertino, a part of Naples, Italy in the 17th of June in 1603. He was raised by his parents, who happened to both be very tough on him. They expected him to do as they pleased without question, which sometimes got Joseph pretty angry. He developed some anger issues because of his parents treatment, and would be seen frequently pacing around his town angrily to relieve his stress. St. Joseph of Cupertino made up his mind once he was a teen that he wanted to devote his life to God and leave his home. He thought that his best option was to join the local monastery of Franciscan monks. The monks could tell that Joseph truly wished to join them in their religious lifestyle, but they also realized that he had to figure out his anger issues before he could truly be a member of their group.

Joseph was crushed when he could not fulfill his plans to join the Franciscans. He sought another religious group to join because he truly felt a religious life would be a good thing for him. The Capunchins accepted him into their group, but this would not be permanent. After a few months of living with them, the Capunchins politely asked Joseph to leave their establishment. He was just not fitting in and his temper was again proving problematic for him.

Joseph was forced to return home after the arrangement with the Capunchins fell through. This upset him and his mother could tell that he was truly hurt that he wasn’t able to join a religious group. She went to the Franciscans that had earlier rejected him, and pleaded with them to give Joseph a chance. They decided they would, but that they would put him to work. Joseph had to live as a Franciscan monk would and also tend to the animals and take care of the monastery. The work was a great way for Joseph to learn how to be calm, and it ended up solving his anger issues.

The Franciscan’s saw Joseph and his improvements with his anger problems and finally thought he was ready to be a full member of their ranks. Joseph was really glad to hear this decision and he decided he would further his religious lifestyle after becoming a monk by studying for priesthood.

Joseph had trouble studying and learning all the essential knowledge to be a priest right away, so he became a deacon first. After a period of time being a deacon, Joseph was finally ready to be a priest.

Joseph had overcome many different obstacles to get the religious life that he wanted to have. He had become very close with God and spent a good portion of his day in deep prayer. He helped to covert and introduce many to the Christian way of life during his time, and was always around to help out anybody who was troubled. In September of 1663 on the 18th, Saint Joseph of Cupertino died of natural causes.


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