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Saint Justin

Updated on February 11, 2010

About Saint Justin

Did you know that Saint Justin was raised by his parents to be a pagan? Well this is the truth. After his birth sometime around the year one hundred in Nablus his parents brought him up to be a pagan just like they were. St. Justin is known as the patron saint of philosophers. This is because Justin was always curious about different kinds of knowledge, particularly the subjects of history and some types of science.

Justin's thirst for knowledge never ceased, however it did expand to different fields. He grew very interested in aquiring religious knowledge. He knew other kinds of religions had to be out there other than the many different ones he had heard of from his parents and their friends.

By just reading alone Justin could not firmly grasp who God really was. Justin was reading one day at the shore and an old man approached him. He said he looked like he was struggling with something important. Justin decided to confide in the man and tell him about his search for the true meaning of God.

The man told Justin that he should pray and see what happened afterwards. Justin figured he could not lose anything by trying this method so he did. He prayed everyday and frequently studied Bible verses in his free time. Justin took great pride and joy in reading the Bible. He met many Christians who were being persecuted and killed sometimes for what they believed in. This made him respect the religion even more for the undying allegience it's members demonstrated.

Justin would fall on some bad luck himself and was captured by the Romans, who were very opposed to Christianity at the time. Justin was put tried for his charges of being Christian, and was sent to jail for a long time. They decided after that Justin was to be killed. He was put to death and died for his faith. Saint Justin is remembered by the Christian faith on June 1st, which is his feast day.


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