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Saint Leo the Great

Updated on March 4, 2010

About Saint Leo the Great

Saint Leo the Great was born around the year 400 in the Western half of the Roman Empire. He is remembered best for his work as Pope from September 29, 440 until November 10, 461. Saint Leo the great often prayed for hours to Saint Peter. Saint Peter helped Leo when the Church was having some tough times.

At the time of his papacy, Saint Leo was having a lot of trouble with people spreading incorrect teachings around the Church. Leo dealt with this problem by calling a Council. At the Council, Saint Leo told everybody who was spreading the incorrect teachings that they would be cast away from the church if they did not stop. However, Saint Leo would allow those who apologized for their actions to come back into the Church.

When barbarians atacked Rome, Saint Leo rode out to meet them immediately. The barbarians did not attack anymore after meeting Saint Leo because when he arrived to meet with them he was accompanied by visions of Saint Paul and Saint Peter. He was able to make peace with the barbarians easily, and ended to terrifying attack on Rome.

Saint Leo the Great perfromed many great acts for the Church. Sadly he passed away on November 10, 461. He was buried, and the sight of his burial today holds a chapel that bears his name. His feast day is celebrated on November 10th each year.


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