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Saint Louis

Updated on February 14, 2010

About Saint Louis

On April 24, 1214 on the outer region of Paris Saint Louis was brought into the world by his mother. His parents both held a considerable amount of power in France at the time. His father was king, but when he died Louis took over the throne at the mere age of twelve. He was given a lot of assistance running the country by his closest friend at the time, his mother.

Louis met a girl named Marguerite and fell immediately into love with her. Marguerite was also from a very noble family, and the two were married in 1234.

Louis had a great reputation with the people of France due to his kindness. He did many great things to support those too sick or poor to help themselves. Louis also took part in two of the many religious Crusades of the era.

Louis was separated from his fellow soldiers during one of the said Crusades. This led to his seizure by the Egyptians. Louis was allowed back to his men after the French traded many different things for him.

Louis took more of a back seat approach to the Crusades after being caught by the Egyptians. He still had ample money to supply the armies with all the necessary materials. He also ventured into the field of diplomacy. He talked to the Egyptians and Syrians, and tried to gain peace between all the nations fighting at the time.

Saint Louis is the patron saint of art due to his great affection for it. He was so obsessed with Gothic art that many buildings and art works in France were made in Gothic style to please him. One of these works is the Holy Chapel in Paris.

In August of 1270 St. Louis passed away. His place of death was Africa. He is a really special patron saint because no other French ruler has ever been canonized by the Church.


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