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Saint Matilda

Updated on June 28, 2010

About Saint Matilda

Saint Matilda was born in the year 895 in Germany to Count Dietrich of Westphalia. Her father was Reinhild of Denmark, however Matilda was brought up mainly by her grandmother. This is where her religiousness came from because her grandmother was an abbess at a convent found in Eufurt. Matilda is known as the patron saint of mothers of large families, and is also known as Maud and Mechtildis. She would go on to marry Henry the Fowler, who was the offspring of Otto of Saxony who was a Duke at the time. He would go on to become the king of Germany in 919.

St. Matilda was known for her good deeds and kindness throughout Germany. Her husband would pass away in 936, but Matilda had two children before then. Otto and Henry were her children and they would eventually become great leaders like their father.

Matilda loved both of her sons very much and they loved her too. However, the three had their differences and it sometimes caused troubles. Otto and Henry would get angry at Matilda when she would donate money of theirs to charitable causes and the poor. Matilda would eventually give up and leave all the family’s money to her sons.

Henry would attempt to take the crown from his own brother Otto, and would fail miserably, despite the angst and passion he showed in his revolt. That revolt occurred in 941 and another happened again in 953. Matilda had a dream about her son Henry’s death not too long after his second failed revolt. He would pass away in 955, and Matilda knew that the dream she had seen was from God. She then made sure the rest of her life was devoted to God. She built three separate convents, and a monastery as well. Otto would go on to become a great leader in Rome, he is remembered as the one who started the Holy Roman Empire.

Saint Matilda passed away in the monastery she had built on March 14th. Her and Henry lay next to each other in their graves. Her feast day falls on March 14th each year.


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    • profile image

      Lady_Tenaz 6 years ago

      wow that is interesting, being that Matilda and Henry were one of my great great grandmothers and grandfathers in my family lineage. Very neat!

    • davidisaiah profile image

      davidisaiah 7 years ago from Klamath Falls, Oregon

      Very interesting hub about a woman who dedicated her life to following her beliefs. Thank you!