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Saint Matthew the Apostle

Updated on June 29, 2010

About Saint Matthew

Saint Matthew was one of the twelves Apostles of Jesus Christ. His father's name was Alpheus, who was a tax collector. Matthew was also collected taxes for a living before he decided to spend his life following Christ and spreading the word of his goodness. Matthew is remembered best for being the writer of the first of the Gospels.

As an apostle of Jesus, St. Matthew did most of his work in the Palestine area, and not many solid facts have been discovered about his actions in the later years of his life. There are possibilities that he did work in Persia, Ethiopia, and Parthia as well as Palestine. Nobody really knows whether Matthew ended up a martyr, like many of his fellow apostles, or if he simply passed away due to natural causes. The answer to that question will likely never come.

Saint Matthew wrote his part of the Gospel for two reasons. The first being for it to serve as a thing to remember Jesus by and remind all those that he had converted to Christianity that they should keep the faith although he had departed from the Earth. The second reason was to convince the still unfaithful, who were in denial that Jesus was the Messiah sent from God. Many people were still questioning whether Jesus was the true Messiah or not. Many believed him to be a prophet surely, like Saint John the Baptist, however to believe that he was the true, real Messiah was a tough task to accomplish. Many would be convinced throughout the years though by the Gospels written by Matthew and other apostles of Christ.

It is known that Matthew wrote the Gospel between the years of 42 and 50 AD because in his writing he describes Jerusalem as it was before the Romans came an destroyed and conquered  everything. He also refers to older traditions that only apply to the time period of 42 to 50 AD. The Gospel was produced in Aramaic because that was the native tongue of Matthew who was from Palestine. Around 42 AD is when Matthew started moving around and his whereabouts became unknown to most.


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